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Common Description
People born on the signs of the Aquarius are very sensitive. They may be surrounded by familiarity, but rarely have close friends who trust. It is interesting that the ill-fated magnet attracts unbalanced people with uncontrolled behavior. As friends, the enemies will choose me forever.
In general, Aquarius is very friendly, sometimes even irritating. Those who are deprived of the tactics can easily find comments on the rules of behavior in society. Aquarius belongs to the category of people who rarely changes their opinion but comes to negotiations. It is not worth the use of these abilities: if you feel irritated, he will reckon the payment, even if it does hurt him.
The curiosity distinguishes the curiosity and interest in any aspect of life. It prevents you from concentrating on any concrete and because of this, the liar is a man's impression, but a day before it changes a lot of little things. The possibility of studying the novelty makes a part of the Aquarius into geniuses, but the disorder is reflected on the psychic of the second part - the number of mental illnesses among the Aquarius is very high.
Men-and-Aquals can romantic view of the world in realism. They often make unpredictable behavior, but they do not threaten themselves or others. Aquarius men are characterized by curiosity, inconvenience, and sympatheticness. Women-merchants are distinguished by their inner charm, they are not afraid of extravagant and seem to be a disadvantage. At the same time, they are also able to take decisions independently, clever, stupid and largely advice. Woman-Aquarius always behaves in its own way, but does not take advantage of his own behavior.


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Aquarius is a sign of air that can be explained by the nature of the possibility of entering all its fields Aquarius air - this is the atmosphere of all the layers together; People of this mark may be interested in something as in some earthly as well as very high.
In any booming situation, Aquarius can maintain absolute peace, and in the locked space does not feel good. Aquarius avoids the restless space because of the need for breathing freely.

Catering and professions
Aquarius often dream of an entrepreneur's career, but they prefer hired workers in their activity: in this case they are more responsible and have the best results. In general, the absorption of suction does not prevent the inner will of itself and the "thick skin" that will protect them from the influence of the outside world. In addition, even those born under these signs rarely go to the risk that they are using too late. It should not be surprising that wealthy people are less likely to be found in the sap.
But among them many well-known people, literature and art are more likely to reveal themselves than business.
Aquariums can succeed in areas where communication with human beings - journalism, sociology, pedagogy, but never serve the whole heart. They need time and time to stay alone, and therefore, those who choose public work often find themselves to have a long vacation, which they prefer to be separated. Good psychologists and doctor-therapists come out of the wines as well as good consultants, guides and tour agents. In addition, there are many scholars who have astonishingly wide worldview.

Marriage and Compatibility
Aquarius have great spiritual strength and can have strong love, but they do not show it. Moreover, they try to keep themselves away from their cheerleaders, because they are afraid that they will be deceived and lose their freedom. Aquarius can be burned with puffiness, and keep the gourmet, which no one can understand.
Aquarius will try to avoid a marriage or stable connection as long as possible. They can not bear jealousy and they are not the same; Aquarius will not detain a partner if he or she wants to go, and will try to maintain friendly relations with him. Ideal, incomparable novel desire for the whole life is accompanied. But even such a connection will break up if you realize that it's all inclusive. No matter how strongly love it, the Aquarius needs time for loneliness, as well as the universe, which can not be the only one in a desirable person.
The partner is looking for a mind, free mindset, openness and kindness. Despite the fact that they are often confronted, they demand a careful and special attitude toward their own person Aquarius rarely betray, especially physically. They remember the first love, do not stop ties with their former girlfriends and love the dream as it would have been a relationship.
The nature of the incarnation allows the person to see the good qualities, but the irony of the lion's magnanimity and the balance of the scales has an ironic attitude that is disastrous for the love of love.
Aquarius can better understand the sensitivity of the skin and the elevated aspirations of the virgin.

Key to success in love
There are merciful and unusual individuals who are ready for a lot of things and do not know what is the obstacle. Their success often hinders the impression of the alien and unemployed people who are around the people who are really wrong. No less problems are related to the fact that very few people understand them. However, those who managed to do this will certainly not be indifferent to the person born of this sign.
One of the most serious problems of the Aquarius is the finding of harmony between the tendency of innovation and the preservation of traditions. Even in the closest relationships, the irony is trying to be unsettled, keep a secret part of the feeling, to have a "personal area", not too narrow. It is very difficult to bring together two strong desire - to have a partner and stay free. The one who thinks that it has come out and does not even realize that the victims were paid.
The people are never under the influence of the people, but Aquarius always tries to impose on others their opinions, but it does mildly and tactically. Some members of this mark also use psychological manipulation methods and are very angry when it comes to nothing.
Aquarius usually seek a partner who can trust in everything; Harmony in Relationship means that you should be willing too - do not forget it! Seven Typical Problems - Seven Keys for Happy Love:
1. I feel myself captured in romantic relationships

Freedom is very important for the Aquarius, and they always try to avoid something that threatens their freedom. Romantic relationships, however, require a somewhat refusal of freedom. In situations where the partner's interests, demands, and desires are necessary, the waters feel depressed and unhappy, although they are impossible to do without it.
The situation is critical when you see romantic connections as a limiting system - just to avoid this. Pay attention to those pleasant emotions that bring relationships with your partner.
Of course there is a need for some personal space, otherwise you will not be comfortable with it, but it may be the reason for the partner's offense and complaining. Your task is to explain to the selected person that you do not have to do it and do not hide anything that may harm your relationship, and the above mentioned space is not a sign of your indifference. Be honest and open to those who are dear to you; If your feelings are the same, you can do what others do not have in relationships: feel loved and free. 2. We can not find a common language Aquarius are good sponsors, but sadly the only one that stares out of the minds is when they talk about feelings. If it comes to emotions and experiences, there is a barrier to overcome the difficulty of the waters. In spite of the easy-to-talk presentation of the people around, the merchants are deadlocked, if a close person fails to learn from half the word because they are not ready for a deep psychological examination of the issue.
If you strive to be in harmony with relationships, learn about the feelings that you feel and express these feelings. Recognize that you often use a masked person's mask, and then you regret that no one can get deep into your soul. Yes, in order to be understandable and to be a lucrative partner, you should stop being "a man in a hurry". At least temporarily, because in a romantic relationship it is impossible to achieve a constructive dialogue without openness and honesty.
Another aspect of this problem is related to the fluidity of the water - this creates a lot of problems, especially if your partner can not listen patiently and draw out important and insignificant information. If you are dealing with such a person, be sure to leave the main secondary party, do not wait until it will do it. Do not hide the problems behind the beautiful words and difficult logic. Simplicity and loneliness can not only help you to understand better, but also to understand yourself. 3. We often talk about
No one who feels sorry for the tyrant, often happens to do everything according to his will. The paradox is that the representative of this mark is not happy with the person who fulfills all his caprices and is intuitively acquainted with the initial stage of relations. You choose a strong partner who can resist and start a fight that people often do not notice, because they do not get the form of the conflict, but your couple really make the discomfort. The situation is getting worse and any pet can become an explosive bomb. From the beginning you can see that it is not difficult to reconcile after a fight, but soon you will find that there are more and more problems, and Aquarius does not like difficulties.
In order to get out of the fight, try to be soft, not only on the outside, but also in the heart, and when you do not get it as you want. Try to take your partner to a constructive dialogue, do not punish yourself because of your own behavior. After the negotiations have ended unfriendly and you start gambating, silence or ultimatums, you create an inappropriate background for continuation of relationships. Of course it would be nonsense to take responsibility for all disagreements; But worse is the expectation of endless concessions and the burden of your partner's partner, especially if you see a person and not a toy.

4. I can not find a suitable partner It's a bit strange to hear from the Aquarius, since people of this mark have a wide range of familiar circles and do not really care about the lack of attention. However, it is noteworthy that the case comes rarely until romantic relationships, because the Aquarius is very difficult to find: he sees the loss of people around and thinks that the heart becomes obedient - will lose freedom.
That is why people who do not take notice of it may feel sorry to be an inappropriate partner and even think about going to a certain admirer to seem to be odd. Be a bit more favorable because you can not find anyone in the world who can see the enemy or dishonest.
On the other hand, before you start a serious relationship, you should be well aware of the person with whom your choice has been suspended. As far as you are concerned, intuition in love affairs can hurt you, and you may make a wrong or a strange choice when you have the impression of your friends, by your friends' advice or simply to "spend time with someone."
There is a great likelihood that the Aquarius will meet with fellow believers in people who share their interests and passions. That's why it's not worth refusing to talk about your own interests, skipping special events, clubs or forums - at least not the choice of your hobby! 5. He has no serious attitude towards me Aquarius always asks a lot from the partner, but he does not kill himself. Prefer to be unclear and ungrateful, but at the same time important, irreplaceable and very angry if you realize that this is not the case. A serious romantic relationship with the Aquarius is the wisdom of people who have the experience of life and can get people who are like and do not try to correct them. However, in such a situation can be an imbalance. He does not love him when he jokes about it; They expect stability from the partner. It should be noted that the Aquarius are extravagant, independent and have a little bit of exaggeration. Try to be more practical if you think you can have family and business relationships.
Remember that serious relationships mean long-term commitments - those obligations that you are reluctant to do. Your partner will look much more serious when you see that you are ready to take responsibility not only for your own behavior but also to develop relationships. In discussing his future plans with his beloved and interested in his opinions, you will be able to understand that his opinion is important for you, as well as how important is your role in his life.
Knowing that nature is intuitioned with intuition, Aquarius often loses his faith when talking about romantic relationships. Learn from your own feelings and share them, be more open to your choice. Even the most affluent people feel that your heart is closed for them and this is the cause of a dysharmon. The ideal partner for you is the one who can not only be a loved person, but also a friend - how do you think it is possible to reach out to friends and to be friends?

6. I am afraid of our relationship Paradoxically, the fact that the captive nature of the independent and freedom-loving relationships is becoming an object of the manipulation of the partner, feels unhappy and does not try to change anything. Does this mean that the waters are afraid of loneliness? It's not all; In fact, he is afraid to stay alone with his own feelings that may be so strong that they can not manage.
You are impressed by your own emotions controlling Admahan and try to avoid stress. The distance to the partner, even if the relationship was not harmonious, is that you are so. If you feel more empathy for your own feelings, you will be able to prepare psychologically decisive steps, it is better to understand the meaning of your own emotional feeling.
In romantic relationships, reason and cheerfulness are not overflowing, but you will not be able to do so as you look to your own goals and desires. 7. I'm not ready to create a family, but the partner goes to it Aquarius may not have a family life, even in mature age. The problem is not in the fear of taking responsibility, but in the loss of liberty and independence, as well as the appearance of people who will control his behavior. Try to analyze your own ideas about marriage - does not it seem to you that it is a trap that will not be easy to escape? Aquarius are more likely to choose unconventional connections, live separately from loved ones, or have a place where they can be separated, which will help to maintain the "free" human behavior. They avoid officially legalize relationships and register common property. If your partner is ready for it, you can overcome difficulties, but this situation is only one of your couples. No matter how much independence, despite the independence, Aquarius still possesses another important feature - he has an aspiration for love and harmony, but does not need a family. In this case it is not worth to compromise with the partner, but you do not have to extend your fantasies on this issue. You should not be afraid that the creation of a family will prevent you from having your own desires or independence; However, such a move requires some concessions, feelings of responsibility and practices.
Do not let your partner manipulate you, and if your future plans coincide with one another, find compromises that help you keep your relationship and achieve harmony.

Psychological portrait
Aquarius belongs to the strongest signs and in most of these it concerns the spiritual organization: People who are born in this period are easily excited, they often lose self-control, long-suffering animals. Aquarius, having enough internal energy, can only lead to a critical condition - it is then revealed that its inward force is manifested in the ability to protect himself and others' interests.
Aquarius are loved by people, they are easily acquired by friends and acquaintances, but they feel lonely at home. His interest in the environment and the general life is the scientific-theoretical nature; The new understanding is more interesting for him than to make efforts to change the situation.
Because of their sensitive nature, they are boutiques. These people can not really forget that they can not forget anything but their own promises.

Aquarius are not healthy; Nature has defined the forces that they rarely spend, which soon feel chronic fatigue, insomnia, fatigue. Aquarius should take care of the nervous system, but they do not like to recognize their weaknesses and suffer even more. Many of them have serious problems with vision and blood vessel system. Elderly vitamins suffer from pain, varicose and blood-vessels throughput problems. In order to maintain their health, the apples do not have to worry about all the fine things, they should be well sleeping, more relaxed and engaged in sports. However, even such simple rules do not protect them for a long time: some novice complications can forget the health of others, and they can also test their own risk and controversial methods.
Aquarius rarely live properly, so they have stomach problems. The case concerns primarily about the diet, which do not see the need to discuss with the doctors. Generally they have a cautious attitude towards doctors. For the purpose of preventing a dentist, the visit will be postponed for the next year, and if you're worried, they prefer to suffer and tolerate the treatment of the diagnosis and treatment.

The loving nature of the Aquarius is more humane than the sexual-erotic. Even the most dazzling novel before their manhood is even witty.
Affiliates are chosen mainly in those who do not represent anything. The possibility of conquering the fortress fortress has even the most unenviable representatives of this mark. They are not attractive to the ease, they are ready to express their sexual talent, they are charming, but indifferent, and mesmerizing their partner. Aquarius are impressed by sexually active people, but the intimate sphere is more interested in theoretical level than in practical terms. The romance of the novel is more intellectual than the passionate moments It is difficult to judge whether it is satisfied with his partner; Often he does not even know it. For people of this mark it is not worth to say that love is more than others; They are confident in their own uniqueness and consider it particularly valuable.
Aquarius appreciate the beauty and anyone can indicate on the appearance of the disadvantages that may appear to be quite absent. On the other hand, they can get a partner as it is and are less compelled to change their appearance in accordance with their requirements. Culinary predicament
Aquarius, which is beneficial for a vegetarian diet, can easily relinquish the meat, but it is difficult to refuse chips, buns, sweet drinks and potato fry. On the other hand, the fruit and vegetables of the fruit are irresistible, even though they understand their useful sides.
Apples and pomegranates, as well as rice and buckwheat, are unlikely to help those people in the daily ration to get involved in this product. Aquarius find it difficult to save three meals, they will be mostly «swallowed». It would be nothing dangerous to do anything except smoked sausage and sweets. Kids Horoscope
Child-wing is very pretentious and unpredictable. They make unnecessary surprises for parents. Relatives are surprised by their incomprehensible behavior.
Children born under this sign are awarded with special qualities, but their talents are not so easy. Aquarius's life plays an important role in enabling you to successfully perform various tasks.
Aquarius are mostly inventors; The most strange idea is to visit them several times a day, but at the stage of realization there are problems, because the salads are not so patient, reevaluate the possibilities, and do not like any advice that you do not like. We rarely find logical thinkers in infants; For the most part, they are guided by intuition or «general performances». The latter does not really lead to good results because of lack of life experience. Aquarius are rarely sober, they always behave in a certain way, even though they may get damaged or in a difficult situation. Parents can "negotiate" with child-velocity if they respect their wishes - the symptoms of this sign are difficult to compromise.
Aquarius are quite tough, impressive and a little bit dangerous. Parents should take into account that such a child needs a comfortable environment. If the elders are often quarreling, they will interact with each other and say abusive words - the baby-or-maybe a child may become ill.
Children born under this sign are rarely boasting with special diligence; If they achieve success in learning and solving non-standard tasks - this is thanks to the unexpected "breakdowns". It is difficult to interact with the teachers because any findings are perceived to infringe their rights, which can be protected by any available method.