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General Description
«Verz» (Aries) respects the zodiacal horoscope on the spring equinox: when the zodiacal samples were taken, it was in this constellation. In addition, people who have been born on this ground have enough strength and purpose to go forward even when the circumstances are directed against them. The energy and stupidity of Verus became just as legendary as their stubbornness and full variety. Not able to concede even tactical thinking, which does not damage yourself, especially in youth, when the experience does not provide a natural touch. Inherent optimism does not allow you to be in unpleasant situations, but criticism, particularly from close people, can bring them out of their pockets: To be successful in the future, always needing encouragement and recognition of their merits. The strength of the woman-Verdi is a little soft with a natural soul that is gradually characterized by sex, but it is enough to resist the path and the sign of the zodiac sign shows its qualities. Women born under this sign are more difficult to express in idealism, not to judge people correctly and to get the full perfection of life. Men-caners can learn all about kidnapping and discourage, but in the heart of the heart, staying up to old age. They spend their energy on little problems and are not concentrating on real purpose; Do not pay attention to your business advice if you are unsuccessful.

Famous people under this sign:

Robert Horace, Nicolai Jokal, Jocomo Casanova, Jocomo Kazanova, Holmut Kohl, Gerhard Schroeder, Montserrat Cabalie, Daniela Rossi, Charlie, Charlie Roganinov, Charlie Roganinov, Charlie Bodler, Erich Phromi, Akira Kurosava, Arthur Haley, Rafael Santiot, Chaplin, Kentin Tarantino, Marlon Brando, Jean Paul Belmonto, Eric Clapton, Jackie Chan, Rivaldah.

The flame of the hail is a fire that rewards the birth of those who give birth to it by force, desire and compassion. The fire of the fire (breathing, lion, archery) - The rings will be kind of aggressive in all, whether it is a field of business or emotional interests. For the weakest of fire, the fire is disastrous - they can not deal with their own energy, they are going to leave, and the stronger they have the ability to make others' minds, the power of the power and the thirst for adventure. As far as it may not be, it is impossible to do it is often soaked and serious. This illustrates the illustration that many of them have not been able to use what is naturally granted.

Career and Profession
The Energies have enough power to succeed in their various fields, but they are more suitable for more troops than they are characteristic. Born on this sign simply was not flexibility and demonstrated that you have to show your talent in diplomacy and do not send the enemy. Thanks to the creativity of the artists can not arrange the career of the services in the broadest sense of the word; Successes should also be on theater stage as well as in the Sculptor's workshop. The majority of people in this sign are young in the desire to gain power and glory, which is determined against them: no one dreams about good future and not work to achieve a goal, but at least a little. The subordinate worker does not bother to deal with the job: They are libertarians, they are busy working discipline, they are easily interested in the work but can easily forget it. On the other hand, they do not find themselves in the best of difficult situations: they are incredibly labor and savvy, in a word, are the "crisis managers."

Marriage and Compatibility
The mighty can have strong temptations - unfortunately too heavy, to be happier. They are easy to love, paralyzed the partner and feel the frustration at the very first moment of discovering something and think that they are deceived. Females can envy men with their independence, but their love of love goes absurd. They are also very suspicious of what they are allowed to do. They would leave the impression of the unknown woman in love, that the majority of romance would not remain only dreams. Male-Ordinances are soon seen and loved. Their romance is beautiful, but short-lived often because of their egoism. Their partner has a great deal of work that they will not lose interest in them, but they have a chance to get real appreciation. Relationship with its own mark may be brilliant, but unstable. Two people, who are selfish, are getting very soon. More harmonious with the lion. The rhodium archery is also well-arranged, whose inherent nobility positively affects the vertex. Not bad for the twins; Neutral with Cancer and Capricorn: Both cases involve intellectual harmony rather than spiritual unity. Connection to the stools will be unsuccessful, and the distance between the two is painful. The rings can not even fish, scorpions and turtles. The key to success is love The bell sign is complemented by its partner and the desire of the first. People of this mark give more time to participating in competitions than in their field development, which is more important. Aries is inconvenient in comparison with others, because his achievements are not as impressive and aspiring to achieve what others have and not what it needs. The precision of success for the thorn, or the sense of pleasure of life, is to set the goal correctly and rationally spoil the potent forces. Often it is difficult for the famine to avoid the fact that they can not maintain interest in a long time. With patience and stability, people of this mark are not distinguished, because of this they have difficulty retaining their romantic relationships. Some can feel so much that they do not even consider a serious relationship with them and this is one of the hindering facts for happiness.

Psychological portrait
Aries belongs to active signs, which are also called men. Characteristic traits that people carry on this mark do not allow them to walk away from the current events or to stay in the family: the rays are not only open to the world, they are convinced that they can change the world for which neither the forces nor the funds are saved. People who are born under this sign are subject to the whole life of emotions that do not even hide. In their behaviors and feelings they are not stable, and after the anger and fury, they do not even have the feeling of this feeling. Good mood, as well as bad momentarily disappears. Verts - Extraverts, but the problems of people around you are less worried: these people of the world perceive the background that they should be distinguished and should be distinguished with special splendor. Only because of care for themselves, it is difficult for people to recognize people, so they can easily become victims of manipulators. Despite the determination and deep confidence in themselves, the two can draw attention to the logical conclusions, and they are guided by intuition that they have developed very much.

Roots that are strong in their body's strength and stamina, often in the problems that arise in regard to the ill health. They work too much, sleep a little, follow the principles of correct nutrition and do not have patience for regular exercise. People of this mark are prone to eye disease and migraine. Avoid a visit to a doctor, start self-treatment with the principle that everything will "pass by itself". Because of the sweet, but not useful food, their skin, especially on the face, is often covered with rash. If you are a man who is tactfully and irritated, it reminds him of relaxation, walking, regular and proper feeding - short of the one who will take care of him.

At the beginning of the sexual life, which is at the earliest age, the rabbits remain elderly experimenters until the age of adults rather than experienced players. The passion of the throat is always new, so the people of this mark love all partners as the first one - they are unconditionally one-to-one. We add that the natural activity and hardness of the rings makes them tireless. In sex, as in other areas, they can not be persistent and require their assessment as high as possible. Good words can inspire their new sexual heroes. Woman Aries is very bold in mature experiments, the man is more cautious - it is nothing worse than fiasco in this matter. Instead, she is not afraid of finding a funny situation, so she can offer a woman to offer her anxiety in the most strange place. Verz can be a partner of his demanding character, and then hesitates with a mild and attentive mindset, which is accompanied by a staggering form of passion, but it is all the more aggressive.

Culinary predicament
The wheat is preferred by the food that is prepared on the middle of the lattice and is completely avoiding live vegetables and fruit. It is essential for the rheumatoid arthritis. They should be careful with the diets: Calories need to restore the forces. It is necessary to add fish and other marine products to undesirable food products in ration.

children's horoscope
Baby-verdes - are famous females and inventors. Permanent «Headache» They are all unimaginable: they are wildly in stupid stories, run away from home or try to arrange a school-wide revolution. It is difficult, but interesting to bring up a child. It is necessary to stay away from unnecessary severity, but the excess of lamination is good. Otherwise, Aries can not understand what is responsible, organizational and self-discipline. It is wrong to say that they can not be a child. It is more correct to say that they have long retained the characteristic features of the transition age - idealism, warmth, uncompromising, feeling of justice, as well as sensitivity and vulnerability that are hidden under the mask of cynicism.