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General Horoscope
Common Description
People who are born under this sign are distinguished by their sensitivity - they may even be depressed by the words of felony; In addition, Cancer holds a very strong internal energy, and its injected internal condition will soon be passed around. However, it is not worth the time to imagine Cancer as a permanent melancholy, who suffers every year for the imperfection of the world, he likes to laugh and is endowed with a good sense of humor. The life of the Cancer is made up of the astonishing and fall, and even in the worst case, people of this mark choose to retreat and rest in peace. They capture not by attack but by democracy, not by aggressive approach but with tranquility. Cancer is noble and self-sacrificing, but rarely shows these qualities, so it seems to me that he is selfish in love with himself. Cancer is really a high-profile personality, so it becomes free when you get to the center of attention. Cancer is loved and honored, but he sees all this as necessary, although it gives more financial prosperity. Cancer prefers a brilliant family and not a bright public life; He's good towards his relatives, and in the opposite of strangers - is miserable. It's not just money, it's the same as expressing feelings. Homemakers are distinguished by the accumulation and are trying to maximize comfort in the outside world, while collecting supplies for "Black Day". These impressions are the first impressions, but the point is that they are trying to maximally rationalize their expenses and prefer long-term capital investments. Men-Cancer Do not spend money on small things, it rarely exposes, but goals always reach. Women-in-the-skirts appear to be soft and balanced, but their mood is very dependent on the surroundings. Women born under this sign need very much to support their friends and friends. They are wonderful mothers and loyal spouses, and in addition, understanding "feminine friendship" is not an empty phrase for them. Cognizant: Peter Rubens, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Franz Kafka, Rembrandt Van Rein, El Greco, Pisaro, Jean Coro, Edgar Dega, Marseille Proust, Rockefeller, Jina Lobragejida, George Bush, Sylvester Stallone, Pierre Karden, George Arman, Marc Shagall, Julius Caesar, Princess Diana, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Mike Tyson, Ralph Schumacher and others.

The drainage of the canes is water, calm and standing. These people prefer to stay away from the thrill, choose a slow, quiet movement. They care about their own safety and safety issues, cancers use a water column as an additional barrier that protects them from the inconvenience. People with water marks, especially skin care, are distinguished by their insignificant but interesting trials, but sometimes they exaggerate the importance of limiting their freedom. Cancer is more acceptable to the lake than the turbulent river; They are not afraid of monotony and are looking for a deep study of the situation, though they understand that fast snaps may be dangerous. Therefore, the cancers do not rush to life, they are carefully concentrating every step that they find.

Catering and professions
Cancer is the largest number of people who have the brain's scientific structure - they enjoy the study of the facts and compare them, the regularization of the facts, the analysis of the event. The favorite sphere of cancers is history. The prone to antiquity allows them to be the best specialists in terms of antiques, while the cancers rely on facts of their assessments and not the euphemistic impressions of things. Cancer has a strong imagination, but the artist's nurse caprices are alien to them. Cancer is able to keep secret and gain trust in people, giving them excellent lawyers, jurors, psychologists and psychologists.  Cancer is gentle but not right, so the best businessmen are better than the players. In addition, the cancers work great responsibilities, perform duties well and scholarly, so they appreciate and respect, regardless of what position they hold.  Cancer is attracted to land works, and there are excellent gardeners and farmers standing there. We also add that the cancers are serologically eaten, so they become successful cooks, but they should try to get the rest of the food on the table again.

Marriage and Compatibility
The character of the cancers changes over time, so the marriage is more successful for them than the average age. The step taken in youth is unfortunately largely falling down. Some cannabis feel intuitive about it, they behave like young ones, but then the mournful witches and the parenting parents become. Cancer in the family and outside - it's like two different people. No one can give you any kind of heat, no matter how much your loved ones, and no one needs to do anything from them. Men-eyed are sometimes uncomfortably surprised by their favorites, often with indiscriminate abuse, and with a word that makes a big difference to women's self-esteem. Fortunately, they are good at life lessons and can learn from their own experience, so the relationship is confused with conflicts and then goes into a harmonious novel.

Key to success in love
Cancer often have a peculiar spiritual organization, which makes them especially interesting for the surrounding environment. The attitude of the representatives of this mark is rarely stable, as far as they are very sensitive. Cancer often leads to desperation, loss of self and optimism. In such moments, they can not make any sense, and all attempts to encourage themselves are unsuccessful. Sometimes the soft, condescending skin can force the people to obey him, and he does not even see it and regret it when he thinks it is a manipulator. Cancer is characterized by curiosity, an intuitive understanding of the mood of the surrounding people; Because of these properties, Cancer can be a very happy personal life. Harmony can be prevented from hiding its own problems and often reminiscent of old nail and pity. Cancer is ready to comfort anyone who is unhappy but can not comfort himself and often gives others the right to do so.

Seven Typical Problems - Seven Keys for Happy Love:

1. He does not appreciate my efforts Cancer is called for care for others. The surrounding people consider them vulnerable. Because of their endeavors, the people of this mark are not rewarded or grateful, but they think that they are unjust; Moreover, it is very sad to see that attempts are inadequate and people will clearly see the beautiful opportunities that can be opened with the help of cancers. It's hard to take responsibility for family welfare, fate and success, but think about it - are you doing it alone? Presumably your partner is not totally idle, just his attempts have a different character and shape than yours. In addition, you should remember that people often are not grateful for your help, and your care is perceived as an instinct of ownership. Try to relax, give your partner the opportunity to feel as if it is necessary, even if you do not think it's optimal. On the other hand, if you feel that you are responsible for romantic relationships, you should pay attention to the partner, then the partner can not even find that the burden is hard for you.

2. I love it but I'm not happy with him ...

Cancer Even in the happiness of life, they experience a great spiritual discomfort, suffering from a change of character, by the unbelief of their own forces. In romantic relationships this often causes complications; Cancer is easy to calm down, it will calm down - is much harder. The habit of locking yourself in the head, long disturbing pain, characterizes many cancers and seriously complicates their lives. In order to deal with this problem, you will have to work on your own. A big part of the difficulties arises because you are giving a moody mood, not trying to fight with him and do not allow others to distribute it. It's definitely worth changing your attitude towards the situation; Keep in mind that depressed condition is not the real side of your life and you can make some effort if you can. It is also necessary to learn to leave behind old irritations and difficulties, otherwise the memories of previous suffering will prevent you from being close to a loved one. The more you appreciate the emotions that you receive thanks to the chosen person and the more you will notice the relationships you will have less time to experience the spiritual forces.

3. She does not understand me Cancer often leaves the wrong impression on those who know you well. Pleasant, open and balanced cannabis may not be self-confident and panickedly afraid of rejection or ridicule. It is difficult to obtain the belief of Cancer, to keep it even harder; The difficulty of romantic relationships often occurs in the fact that Cancer is afraid to open up to the end of his choice. Another problem can be that other marks are difficult to find in your characteristic features. Many people say that your care is instinct of ownership and you try to protect yourself from what you offer with wholeheartedness. So long as the partner is blamed for you in misunderstanding, evaluate your own behavior - it is possible that it will be corrected and it will be enough to harm the relationship in the relationship of the couple.

4. I can not start / end relationships As far as it is not surprising, the reason for these two contradictory issues is the one you are afraid of visiting the initiative. Cancer is difficult to take the first step and get closer to someone who is not small, but more problems come when you need to stop intercourse because they have nothing more than pain and suffering. Remember that nature has been given a very strong character and it is simply nonsense. Maximum self-confidence and willingness to fight - that's your way of improving your success and personal life. You do not want to be unhappy and understandable, so take the steps to do it - act!

5. I can not see a suitable partner

Cancer, especially young people, are really hard to do. The reason is several. The first is the excessive dependency on parents and family members. Often the cancers are in romantic relationships that steroids and mistakes of their relatives are looking for partner or father in the partner, trying to compensate for child abuse. Dry, try to grow first in the emotional manner until you start romantic relationships - it's very easy for you to live. One more characteristic for the skin is the search for a partner who needs care and support, constant attention and control. This instinct will force many of you to choose people who often want to sacrifice yourself and give up their own interests. A little bit of egoism was not annoyed. With the help of «rescue instincts», you can free yourself from the links that can be detrimental to you.

6. I suffer from solitude

The problem of finding its «half» concerns most of the cancers. It is difficult to take the first step closer to the majority of the representatives of this mark. In addition, young people are less likely to be in areas where you can start an interesting relationship. The easiest method of dealing with loneliness is to overcome more people's relationships with people and to exercise faith in themselves. People around you may get your laughs in laughter. Do not let this idea be strengthened. You can be very attractive when you find a little bit of the cage in which you can. Get it off for a while - maybe this is enough to find a person from whom you will never have to hide your feelings.

7. I am not convinced of the seriousness of our relationships

Unfortunately, in all these cases, all the cancers are suspicious and are less dependent on the real situation. The difficulty of the situation is that in waiting for the confirmation of the "seriousness", you may be exposed to excessive pressure on your partner, which can not really improve your relationships. What you really need - it's judgment and analysis. If you do not feel cold, then you risk becoming victims of your doubts and then the most serious relationship can be ruined for your reasons. In an attempt to evaluate the behavior of the partner, you will be able to find out the truth and care for it and evaluate what you do for him.

Psychological portrait
Cancerists try to demonstrate their own nature with the environment, try to be a quiet and balanced person, but someone is deceived by them: the feeling of the skin is very strong to hide. Cancer is not outstanding impulse, but they are characterized by instantaneous change of mood. A person born under this sign may be angry or angry without any special reason, then calm down and forget it. When dealing with cancers it is important to remember that his behavior is connected to the moon phases and changes accordingly. Cancer is quick to make decisions, but they do not go directly to the goals. Before you make a final call, Cancer explores the possible options of the situation and the ways to retreat. Cancerists are collectors, prefer the real prosperity, and do not like to risk their money. Even in future success, they are much less likely to be in the business than they can do - so the canes protect themselves from financial collapse that are most afraid of this world. Sometimes the cancers are vengeful, but the usual caution prevents them from engaging in open combat. Cancer is a great way to keep the curse and hope that no one can understand about his involvement. So people who are born under this sign rarely have real enemies.

The sensitivity of the skin is primarily a problem for them: the constant feelings of depression result in force and their organism makes it available to any infection. On the other hand, the happier cancers of the eyes and the middle may recover and maintain their spirituality until the end of their life. Most of the problems are skin cancer, which is very sensitive and prone to inflammation. Even the most insignificant scratch will not be long for us. The second weak point is the breast glands. There is also a weak kidney and urine bladder. There are a large number of people who are suffering from various types of ulcers in the cancers. Clean air is essential for cancers and especially with water. The sea can make cannabis more rapidly from the illness that provokes illness than the success of work or family happiness that the people of this mark attribute to great importance.

Cancer treats the opposite sex from childhood - they are not only romantic and dreamers but also romantic. The first recipient of the fascinating person can not be able to care for her, but she feels like herself as a chocolate sunshine. Cancer in mature life are better pupils than inventors or teachers. They do not have a strong temperament, but try to avoid disappointment. The girlfriends are in the patient's heartfelt convulsions, which makes a false impression of cold. In a loving relationship Cancer can be a good job of a good humor - Cancer can laugh at the awkward situation. But when it comes to serious frustration, it really suffers and is ready to commit such behavior, which then regrets. Cancer is cautious in love affairs, he does not forget about his own and partner's advice, so romantic relationships are just as healthy as his health. Most cynics from cancers quickly lose their love for love and change their favorites often, but try to keep reputation unattainable.

culinary predictions
Even when you understand the hairstyle that the oily, hot and sweet food is harmful for them, you can not refuse yourself. Also, they do not have the tools to eat boiled vegetables; Generally, any diet for cancers - is a real problem. On the other hand, the nutrition regime, which implies quantitative restraint and not diversity, is suitable for them. Cancer should not be taken away by exotic cuisine, especially raw fish or meat, sour vegetable and fruit. It is a great likelihood not only for allergies but also serious poisoning.

Kids Horoscope
Child-Cancer is distinguished from the peers of higher grades. If you have such treasures in your family, take care of it, select the best mild methods of rearing. One tough word and a tough tone is enough for the child to feel the need to feel unnecessary, unnecessary and unfortunate. They remember very minor insults, analyzes and think about what's happening, often pushing the events in their favor. The inner calm of such a child is essential for being a good man, patient, depressed and rich in imagination. Child-bears believe in a long time fairy tale, frankly believe that the good fairy and the snow grandfather will meet personally and the adults are surprised by unbelievable stories as if they were actually happening. The process of creating a new reality attracts representatives of this mark. The pupils do not have a problem learning - they are born with good memory, get new information, and solve the tasks creatively. Relationship with classmates and teachers is uneven. Cancer is the soul of the soul, the inventor and the loved one, and sometimes the object of mockery or laughter. If your child is cancerous, pay attention to your own mood. It is in sharp contrast to the problems that arise in relationships. Children-eyebrows usually greet your loved ones not only with their loyalty and good behavior, but also with care, with no two-thirds requests. Cancer will be happy with the domestic animals, paying attention to the younger dadmamshvashvilis. It is very important for such a child, so parents should not make it. Going to the age of adolescence is very important for the baby-cancers (and especially for his parents). Growth is not easy, the body's behavior is often accompanied by a sense of cruelty, suspicion, and sadness. At this time you can only influence your child - you will not have any results. It should not be noted that the "correctly raised" cancers - are very nice people who give themselves both themselves and the surroundings, as well as a lot of talents. So, the pediatrician's parents have a great responsibility!