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Today you will have many unresolved issues around you, as far as you can do it for yourself and the distribution of physical forces, you will be able to maintain your current situation. Share
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Common Description
People born under the kidneys characterize life's strength and patience for good results. They are proud of their own talents, sometimes unsuccessfully, and if they are not lazy, they do not have the power to develop intellectual abilities. The kidneys belong to the category of those who can learn all life long.
People born under this sign may not be easier to communicate with the outside world: they are proud and independent, but often suffer from the sympathy of the surrounding people or they have to give up their opinions. In a word, the kidneys are satisfied with the narrow, but with the circle of companions.
In addition, they can not afford tolerate others, so they often prefer lonely campaigns.
The kidneys are largely selfish, but do not consider themselves better than others; Moreover, many kidnapped people have a whole lot to live with complexes and are worried about the whole world that they are not properly appreciated.
In the character of a kind of calm in the appearance of a honeycomb, his luck goes to leadership and power, which he simply can not control. Such people are the biggest trenches, if they do not hold traditions and moral norms that protect their loyalty.
The male-goat character is characterized by irritation, which is characterized by a strong character. Such a person is acknowledged to acknowledge his merits, but openly refuses to do so. The kidneys are easily adapted to adults in adolescence, but in the adult age they are characterized by a change of behavior, becoming a rebel and more like a teenager. At about the same time, men and goats give romance.
The female hoods, even when they are at the peak of the career, are most respected by the family. Excellent salaries and prestigious positions do not meet you if you do not have a spouse who appreciates and does not have a well-arranged, cozy house. Such women rarely think about the causes of their behavior and consider the argument "so much more pleasant" or "so necessary" - absolutely enough. This is why women-goats are rarely vulgar or rude; It is enough for them to say that such behavior is unacceptable in society and the inconvenient situation will not be repeated again


Richard Nixon, Mao Cesdoon, Henry Seisen, Marlene Dietrich, Mohamed Ali, Louis Chevrolet, Jerome Seliniger, Mel Gifson, Ricky Martin, Adriano Chelentano , Michael Schumacher, Annie Lenox, Elvis Presley, Kevin Costner, Marilyn Manson, Nicolas Cage, David Bowie, Rod Stewart and others.

Capricorn is a landmark, thus explaining the nature of characteristic character of this sign.
The land may be touched, you can see, be scared; A little bit of someone will doubt about his reality. It is in these categories that the bee horns - illusions, abstract thinking, and ideals do not represent them. People who are born under this sign often refer to counseling and consideration because the kidneys are thought to be transparent and the values ​​- the material. The earth's earth is full of richness, but it is not easy to get there. The hedgehogs are hidden from strangers, but interested seekers will find a real treasure: a loyal friend, an honest partner, a responsible employee, a fair leader or a loyal lover.
The most important thing in life is the hedgehogs unnoticed and slowly rising at the peak of success.
The kidneys can correctly distribute what they have, evaluate their work and stability in the family.

Catering and professions
Many Capricorns achieve success in areas such as mountaineering, construction, agriculture. Some of them are an incomparable specialist in the field of jewelery and antiques. In the goats there are those who are ambitious and want to gain power, they are mostly in politics or in the administrative sphere.
Accuracy, self-esteem, responsibility and patience make a goat in the eyes of the elderly, and the employees will see more competitors than a pleasant person and colleague. The best results are achieved by the kidneys when they work alone, also have a separate cabinet property. The goat's heads are despots and are overly demanding. More devils do not spend time talking with their employees, studying their weak and strong sides and then manipulating their manipulators. The kidneys will enjoy life for people who are at risk, but they will not be able to make a risk deal. Capricorns are collecting real estate in mature age. This factor leads to the fact that the carnivorous conquest of the carcasses begins with other signs. Marriage and Compatibility
In all things, the kidneys defending the norms of behavior adopted by the traditions and the society are forgotten when it comes to family life. They're not hurrying to one partner, long and patiently evaluating all the time, some goats look for Prattner's search in a clean and practical way and appreciate the ability to earn money, family farming and care for children.
The kidneys love clever people, but only those who share their opinions, so choosing a lifestyle of life from the circle of mates. People with this mark can be happier with a less intelligent partner, but less trusting them.
The kidneys seek to calm and equal romantic relationships, but these attempts are often not subject to their control. People of this mark often love a strong and unilateral person who is unable to keep it, or does not consider the object of love in his favor.

Relationship between coconut husbands is serious. Family life is often acknowledged in the case of calculation or man chosen from their circle. After choosing a satellite, they are dedicated to him, but at the same time there are lots of light abductions around them and at the same time there are serious relationships. The kidneys can live with almost everyone, but Scorpio will really torment him, the twins - is a suspicious day, the sorry - the excitement caused by the feelings. The kidneys will be calm and happy, and the lion will be able to boast with a family car. Taurus is another good partner for a goat. The fish can also restore the kidneys, but unfortunately for a short while, it will be a heavy blow for the kidneys.

Key to success in love
Capricorns are no less than any other signal of their personal lives in harmony and happiness, but it is difficult for them to achieve. Representatives of this mark are conservative and do not have any tendency to change, and therefore, they become prisoners of relationship, the partner is suffering from cold, but do not take a decisive step.
When you feel that relationships are not so much as they want, the kidneys can be handled with secondary issues - for example, mobilizing professional activities, to the organization of household affairs, to find things that will be solved by themselves. Sometimes people of this mark think that they are not rewarded with the qualities they need for happiness, but that is not the case. Many goats hone their harmony in the fact that they are too sharp about what kind of relationship they want and the partner is captive of these performances. Disruption of the hand may be misleading priorities, as well as pessimism characterized by this sign. For the goats it is wise to achieve balance between service and personal life; It would not have been a good thing to do. Another sign of disliking a common language with a loved one is the extra discipline of the kidneys that can not allow feelings and emotions when it is necessary

Seven Typical Problems - Seven Keys for Happy Love:
1. I can not find a suitable partner

The kidneys are distinguished by a resolution that is beyond all reasonable boundaries. Their potential partner makes many demands, including social-financial character. It does not deal with blindness of anyone's level and receiving pleasure from those who distract you. But the expectation of a beautiful prince or beauty is less competitive.
In the desire to create an ideal union, the kidneys deny anyone who does not create a composite system and sometimes even deny their own lusts, eventually having a connection or marriage in which there is stability but not deep feelings. If you think that life should be connected to a person capable of putting on the job and social stairs, then you have to make sure that harmony in these relationships will be very relative. If you put love before everything, remember that you have a heart and listen to his voice. You can also trust intuition more than logic, and what you think is illusion and arise from love, is reality! Do not be surprised if a person with whom you can not deal with it is a real and extravagant personality: love makes it possible and happier to make connections that are unrealistic. Be careful with people around you, give yourself the opportunity to better understand people and you will see a lot of people around you who feel the sympathy of you. Trust your own feelings, you will be able to find a way to a lot of new opportunities and happiness.

2. He is unfair towards me Loving horns do not even lose their ability to judge and feel the sense of justice they have. The reason that you feel unfriendly to your partner is that you may be overly satisfied with the criteria, acute criticism towards you, neglect your interests or an underestimation of your efforts that you do not want to develop.
If your partner is a person who has a logic and is able to evaluate his behavior properly, you can express your own complaints and strengthen them with facts. Remember, however, that you may hear some unpleasant statements. The goat horns are characterized by egoism, and sometimes they put their own interests first, and they do not even notice it; In addition, they often do not appreciate the right of the victim to which the partner goes. You may be shown that the concessions of your choice are tiny, compared to what you do. However, by putting yourself in the partner's place and sharing his opinion, you may find that the claims of injustice are unfounded. If you have a secondary role in relationships and you have failed to change it, you will have to make more serious steps. In any case, the problem of "injustice" should be considered as soon as possible until the grievance will be accumulated and the will of the willingness will be lost. If your choice is stopped on the person whose behavior is dictated by the feelings and the minute of excitement, it will be difficult to reach a partner relationship. In this case, you risk being a parental parent who has been running out of time for a child to complain.
When your patience fills you, the situation will be late. If you do not let that happen, try to mildly correct the behavior of the chosen person, so as not to be angry and do not fulfill all his wishes. Tactfully pay attention to the situation you are dissatisfied, but avoid the insult: conflicts and scandals - is not your disaster.

The main thing is not to get used to the situation you are experiencing inconvenience, only fearing that you do not have a deaf person. You are wise and you will probably find a way out, which assists on both sides if you do not give up everything in its flow. 3. Our relationship is stable but with a short harmony A lot of the kidneys are trapped in a trap that promises themselves: To prevent frustration, the kidneys choose a person with whom the relationship is not predictable and unexpected. In other words, for the sake of dismissing negative emotions, you are building a fortress where you can find a pleasant feeling. Often do the same goats, who have already moved to the Tavrush's romantic novel, which ended with painful distance; When selecting a new partner, such people choose a person who does not cause strong feelings but is quite handsome and ready for compromises. However, goats often do not even suspect how much they are temperamental and how important emotions they have. Therefore, they are surprised when the stability of the stability instead of happiness.
You can also play a role in your financial defense. When you solve material problems, you risk forgetting what is spiritual close to you. Special difficulties can bring to the goats whose choice is the orientation of the romantic, harmonious feelings of productive partnership. Keep in mind that harmony in relationships often comes with those who are certain in themselves. Try to stop the internal tension level, give yourself a chance to relax, become less self-critical and serious. It should also add that some kidneys correctly evaluate the sexual as part of a romantic relationship that can cause discomfort as their partner and their partner.

4. I do not feel that I am a lover The problem of many kidneys is that they misrepresent their emotional demands and do not give the relatives what they are looking for from them.
Many of these marks leave the impression of a cold and calm man who does not have a romantic and tender expression. They feel weakness in the emotions. How surprising is the time that their partners use this habit and avoid emotional expression? Maybe your choice may not be that you lack the attention or the lack of heat. The hen horns often do not meet the heat and feelings of both sides The hen horns who want long-term relationships should be mitigated to stop their ghosts before becoming a "fortress fortress" partner. Let's give you the feeling of being out of touch and the person who does not like this indifferent. 5. Partner expects too much from me

The kidneys do not give promises that they can not perform, like romantic relationships, trying to minimize risk. In addition, the representatives of this mark do not like the object of the manipulation of others and they are stuck when someone is trying to force you to take that step. This stubborn obstacle can sometimes acknowledge that their partner's claims are not so big and it is fair.
It is also worth mentioning that the goat horns are characterized by conservatism. They prefer to maintain their habitual style and avoid all the innovations and changes, and therefore refuse the partner's suggestions.
If your favorite thing is for you, be ready to give up and justify your expectations - presumably doing the same for you. If you are not ready for any reason, try to explain the reasons, find a compromise option or offer compensation. In the given situation, there will be a mistake and accumulation of discontent and refrain from speaking about the problem. If the partner's claims are excessive, unreasonable or unreasonable, it is not worth thinking that it is impossible for each other to get involved and to continue the relationship. First listen to the opposite side - there is a probability that you can not fully understand what your favorite.
Your strong side is just a matter of good thinking and fair judgment - in any situation. Do not include that romantic relationships are not a place of intellectual affinity; You can solve existing problems if you are ready to be the initiator of the dialogue, take into consideration the partner's interests and analyze the situation before making a compromise decision.

6. He is very unserious

In romantic relationships, Capricorn often takes on the role of a "parent" - that is, more wise, responsible, sensible and prudent partner. That is what is practical for the issues of solving, sets out future plans and discusses various options for the development of the situation. Sometimes it seems to be one of the options, sometimes entertaining and boring. In these moments, you expect that your chooses to behave as an equal partner and is disappointed if it does not.
The mistake of a goat is to take full responsibility for the ongoing events when the partner is not allowed to take an independent decision. That's why sometimes you have a problem when you're alone solving the problem: your favorite is accustomed to doing that and you do not hurry to get involved in the process.
In addition, you do not feel relaxed and trust your own - sometimes you can give yourself less pedagogy, be open and a little bit complainant. Keep in mind that all behaviors should not be deduced from the common sense, and sometimes the soups should pay attention not only to their own. A serious approach to life is good, but no one is so lazy to say no 7. Our happiness prevents household disagreements

The kidneys are very serious about everything that matters to the material side of life. It may be shown to you that people of this mark are mobilized only on financial and household issues, that is why their relationship is not ideal for people with other priorities.
Material welfare and high social status are important, but is it worth it to appreciate more than just close relationships? By taking care of your family, you're actually going to "work on your own," but it's great that your relatives will not appreciate your endeavor. Household Contradictions - What you need to know is that the boat of love does not dump the "cliffs" of the disgraced vessel, in a small apartment or an outbound machine. It is not worth to blame a loved one for not sharing your goals or desires, it will be harder to deal with difficulties, if you act together, you can go to the goal - you will be able to cope with difficulties. Often you are not even trying to negotiate with your partner about how to build a joint life so that you can be both happy and be able to advance in advance. The situation is rarely catastrophic; Appreciate what your partner is doing and do not hesitate to draw attention to your case.
Family members unite not only the household and financial issues; If you can live with a variety of events, with pleasant memories, traveling - you will see that many daily difficulties will be moved backwards. People with your intellect will be less likely to go to day-to-day problems if it is more pleasant and seductive. Psychological portrait
Capricorns have enough energy, but they still belong to the horn of passive people, thus explaining their habit to maintain their current and less time and energy to buy new ones or more. This concerns not only the money and the material situation but also the emotions.
The hen horns do not start to defend their opinions, they will simply stay away from their minds and seek evidence of their truth. They do not get involved in the conflict, but try to see the benefits of its solution. The kidneys are rarely worried about failure - they are firmly moving towards the goal, sometimes when the interest towards the goal is slowed down with just inertia.
Capricorns are very selfish and unhealthy, though the passions are not really stranger to them. Only a person born under this sign hides all the feelings very deeply and trusts only the closest people.
Many goats have pessimism. They believe in their own forces, but they do not come out of the sense that the situation is contrary to them and think they are unlucky. They have the basis for this - because they have nothing to do with their life and nobody can succeed.
The sense of congenital liability for the kidneys to take care of the weak. But unselfishly doing it rarely: they wait for gratitude, and if they do not get it, they are once again convinced of the world's inferiority.

It would be wrong to say that the kidneys are not healthy, but they are often sick despite that. Cold and moist - this is the biggest enemy of the kidneys. The warm rain and light breeze cause them to cool and after complications of illness. Being ignorant of self-care and consumption for the entire energy industry, goats tend to avoid the pleasure, such as massage, diet, sport. That is why doctors often visit you. At the same time, it is especially important for carcinogenic defenses, muscle tone and variety of nutrition.
The "weak" goats are the skin, teeth, bones and stomach. But special attention should be paid to the nervous system. Emotions that show the symptoms of kidneys are avoided, suppressing inhibition in humans, allergies, gastrointestinal system and headache.
The kidneys did not have a little bit of provision and light approaches to life, and in the absence of these pills it was not for sale, they should use other means. Active lifestyle, clean air, sunlight and healthy sleep can help the kidneys feel not only healthy, but happy man

No matter how wise the kidneys are, they will be seen with a stupid and light-hearted person; If these people evaluate life expectancy, consciousness and sophistication, their lover can be a completely opposite. In addition, the kidneys do not have a character in the same way to be spouse and loved ones at the same time; Therefore, one part of them is not in a hurry to get married and have some romantic relationships in life, while others lose interest in sexual life over time.
In sexual relations, goat horns prefer the traditional variant, and if the dreams do not work, they will never recognize it, and will not realize it. People of this mark are more patient than they imagine, but they can not really tell anyone they can not really say. A short-lived novel can be interesting, not only in sexual aspects: strolling on the moonlight, and not interested in visits. Instead of communicating with this person you will find how deep and tender they are. Capricorn with those who trust you can forget self-control, become charming and light

Culinary predicament
Capricorns pay attention to feeding, sometimes the diet is too strictly guarded and can not understand that they are harming their organism. For example, refusing foods rich in carbohydrate, these people lose vitality and passive passages. Fatty foods are good for fatty foods, as well as saline.
The hen horns have a broken meal, the salad should include vegetables salads, mayonnaise should be replaced with vegetable oil.
In a certain period of life, the hen horns take special care of food, in fact calories count calculator or starving in the evenings