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General Horoscope
Common Description
The twins are distinguished from other marks in a special way of divergence and uncertainty in many behaviors. They can evaluate the situation in a mutually simultaneously, at the same time to experience love and hatred, and sometimes they do not understand the nature of their nature. Gemini are like changing weather. They would be unbearable to have no charm. They love communication, it is pleasant to talk with them, and they are interesting because they have many adventures. In addition, twins are easy to learn about the knowledge that they are practically unusable and easy to share with others. The lies are observed, but they can not see any benefit from this; Even worse, they often seem to be suspicious when they pay attention to all the details and interpret it all wrong. Gemini are prone to euthanasia, and consider themselves to be among the lazy people. Sometimes even the most close friends see the enemy. Their understanding is difficult and many accuse them of hypocrisy. Twins If anyone deceives, it's first of all. Everything in the life of twins is doubled, even with the stars themselves: fate on the one hand gives them instability and on the other hand sends tests so that after the passing of the twins they acquire strenuous and purposefulness. Men and twins develop their own interests throughout life, but they do not go straight to the goal, but in a much easier way - they are themselves. They may be interested in a variety of subjects, but seriously none of them, as well as without fear of feeling. Twin-ladies are smart and smart. They are easy to learn and are practical. The twin-woman rarely distinguishes any important from the secondary care, it looks confused but can be instantaneous and without tension can prepare for a new hitch. Known for: Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Jung, Ernesto Che Guevara, Karl Faberz, Marilyn Monroe, John Kennedy, Robert Schumann, Richard Strauss, James Belushi, Prince, Paul McCartney, Naomi Campbell, Kyle Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Stefi Count.

The twins of the twins are air and their character resembles nic. They are lightweight and unsafe creatures, they have the opportunity to be in any surroundings, and they will not be loaded by someone's problems and anxiety. The existence of twins is always felt - without forming any kind of "action" they create. All the signs of the air (Aquarius, twins, scales), twins are much more unsustainable, but they are the best in their nature and are very good for each other. The essential condition for twins is freedom - freedom. You can not wind up after a certain period of time you'll be back to your side.

Catering and professions
Gemini are aristocrats and their place is on stage, in the light of the rhythm. However, we can not forget that they can not distinguish from a sense of mood, so the theatrical career may be dangerous for twins. Successful twins are working in scientific field, mainly in theoretical. People of this mark can easily learn new knowledge, they steal the progressive ideas and do not deny the controversial abstracts until they have experience in practice. Good luck and good teachers become good teachers. In general, all areas of their life are taken away, which are related to public speeches and attention. Gemini are usually tactical and diplomatic, they can succeed in politics, but a brilliant career can be dropped due to a mistake in youth. On the Exchange game - another area where the twins succeed. They think that decisions are made by intuition dictates, and in reality they take into account different factors and make decisions quickly.

Marriage and Compatibility
The twins often make it impossible and their first love is usually unhappy. That is why the number of young twins is a lot of admirers and fans of famous people, especially actors; Twins have a special attitude towards these latter. In the face of love fate, twins tend to suffer for longer periods than any other problem. Twins are able to capture the heart of only a clever partner, who is a good friend and an interesting interlocutor. It must be able to expand the world view as quickly as possible, as it does the twins. Twins do not get to marry, they do not like to take decisive steps, panickedly afraid of rutin and monotonous family life. At the same time, devotion to a partner can be a long time, but it is enough for a small chance to change the situation. Is the second part of the twins that are falling in the other extreme, after a few days of familiarity with the "second half" of the altar, which unfortunately is just another "love". They will also love them quickly and try to change their previous companionship with new ones. Male-twins are incomparable inventors when they try to win the desired woman's heart, but they usually lose interest in him. They are tirelessly trying to endure patience and go back and return. Female twins are unpredictable in youth and unparalleled adult age. Their extraordinary variation makes everyone feel, but the ladies of this mark are restricted to the traditional family life. The romance between people born under this sign may be happy and unhappy. Only one thing can be said to be sure - the feeling that the couple connects with, there is no love for me. Relationship with Ver is short-lived if it has not been shared in common interests. Harmonious will be the connection with the inconsistency, but it is about romance, maybe passion, but not marriage. It is good to associate with a goat, however, the latter will have to adapt to the changing of the twins. Generally, the taurus of the landmarks is better to choose Taurus. Doubtizing each other will distract the twins and fish pairs, and the endless hesitant will prevent happiness from the scales.

Key to success in love
Gemini are charming and can be unique - no one can argue about it. They can easily relate to new relationships, find friends, admirers and do not need any effort. As if such character and possibilities are to twist the way to happiness and romantic relationships, such people suffer from loneliness, spiritual discomfort and emptiness. Twins have a commonly versatile interest, the representatives of this mark are always active and do not know the boundary of the novel. People who have a stable and predictable relationship want, and just love-loving people, because twins can at any moment be able to see the greatest scuffle in any detail, and the logic of their thinking is a little bit for anyone. No matter how bad the orator twins lose the possibility of talking to someone when they explain the causes of their behavior, they know perfectly well what and when they do it. Thus, twins are rarely a partner, usually it is a challenge, no matter how long the relationship is to continue. People in this sign can be happily happy and at the same time very miserable. The main thing that requires them - this is the standard of control, because the unfortunate twins suffer by themselves, but also to the people around you and the real tests.

Seven Typical Problems - Seven Keys for Happy Love:

1. He does not understand me All couples have a situation where it is difficult to share ideas or find a common language. Twins often have such periods than other signs, and these things continue to last longer. The reason is that the twins in their own feelings can not be as well known as the wishes, so they can not explain what other people really need. Because of this, it looks like a capricious, unbalanced and unpredictable person. Dear, do not spare time for your teen - it's a romantic relationship. The second difficulty is that you are more likely to talk to your partner rather than listening to it and often you can not distinguish his advice that would help you change the situation better. Learn to listen, use and analyze the information you receive from the recipient, making it easy for you to live with it and yourself. It should also be said that twins are rarely concentrated on one and the same, often forgetting about some of the problems until it is resolved. Because of this, the partner may be very faint and seriously considering your "unserious" attitude. So, twins, study your own feelings and provide you with information about your partner, listen not only to yourself but also seriously.

2. My romantic abductions do not go into serious relationship

Gemini are very fascinating, and flirt or honey is a natural situation for them. But it often happens that a beautiful romance does not go before marriage or stable, but it can be much more memorable, but not more "solid". Initially you need to understand the situation in your own way. Often twins think that they have enough light and surface relationships that do not overly affect their feelings. However, in some cases, you feel a certain discomfort with your constant partner. Find out in yourself and find out what really matters. Express the feelings you have experienced: it is possible that your partner seems to be an unconnected fortress, and that's why he wants to leave after a long siege. The second important moment is the habit of twins, which can not or can not concentrate on choosing the right partner. Often, when finding a charming person in the environment, the twins are pulling it away and paying attention to the fact that Admanya is married or does not have any interest in it, maybe it's time to spend time in the twins campaign and is not going to give up on freedom.

3. Relationship starts well, but soon breaks down The love of the twins or the happiness of happiness, or the disadvantages and the habit of changing their character several times a day, do not allow them to get upset. What can you do if you feel happier, and the problems are getting more and more everyday? The love relationships of the twins are often violated until a similar level is reached. If you do not pay attention, problems are getting worse. The twins behave the same way - concentrate on pleasant aspects and take a look at the moments that need to work. You may create an illusion of "ideal" relationships for a long time, satisfied with its minimal perfection, but difficulties will not hide and breach what you consider to be harmonious. That twins can choose the wrong people to be fascinated by it and can not even notice that they are dealing with a liar, manipulator and tyrant. Twins, try to be realists and do not let yourself forget the existing problems. Sometimes relationships are "broken down" just because you can not simply exist and that's just your imagination.

4. I love it but others like it too. It's hard for me to be committed to one partner It is not necessary to deal with betrayal; This situation is one of the main problems of twins, which is expressed in the absence of concentration on one and the same. You can play with a sense of a few people, you can break your heart, but this does not bring home the feeling of happiness. Twins appear to be the most interesting beginning of the relationship; At this time they have a desire to have a permanent partner and on the other are afraid of serious relationships as boring. Make sure that the novel's continuation may be no less attractive than you start it, of course your choice will be done on a worthy person. If you are looking for a new partner not because you have a choice of hopes, but because the relationship is unfolding, you can stop - you can change the situation and keep the person who is dear to you, if you use your special forces and capabilities correctly, With which nature will be rewarded. The more you look to the partner, the more you learn about his nature. Remember that someone you love - this is a great world and its research can never be fulfilled so that you are always surprised and happy.

5. I can not choose the partner correctly

In the quantity of "unhappy love" and what you get, it brings more trouble than happiness, the twins are more than any other mark. They easily love themselves and can easily lose themselves, and then they are surprised that the object of passion becomes less attractive to them. As a rule, twins are annoyed by the partner's concentration on practical issues, its high demands, control of behavior. On the other hand, if twins love a person who looks like it is very good, it often goes on for long, does not suffer from domestic problems and discomfort from everyday trials. Dear twins, keep in mind that you should seriously select a partner. Learn about the behavior of people around and analyze their own reactions - so you will be insured from love irritation. You can observe not only those who like you, but also colleagues and friends; To understand your own reaction on behalf of others, you will be able to avoid mistakes that are associated with the wrong choice of partner.

6. I suffer alone Open, active, lucky twins rarely acknowledge that they are lonely and do not have a person who is trusted. We must recognize that even such luxurious, cheerful and active twins can find a couple. There is a person who is constantly in the entourage, not one of those who feel special interest in them, but does not recognize it because he is afraid of the twin deaths of twins or does not make a negative and desperate response. For twins it is better to be natural, that's exactly what they lack. Do not be shy, ask for help and support to show interest. Often the entourage does not even mean that you are worried, so no one takes the first step towards them. Twins should remember that honesty and certain topics are important in relationships, and sometimes it's just enough to solve the problem.

7. I am not sure about the seriousness of our relationship Unsurprisingly twins often expect serious attitudes from the partner. They do not attach great importance to officially communicating, but they will be happy if the partner will offer it. Despite the mock attitude, the twins are happy with the partner's frankness. Twins, your behavior gives you reason to think that love and romance are just a matter of fun and joking. The habit of living for one day, having no vision for the future, and having some fun on the day - these are the moments you are likely to refuse if you think you are ready for serious relationships. Try to be more predictable and understandable to your partner, explain your behavior and avoid being listening to it. It is also important to understand your partner at an emotional level. You should know how to love it - it's worth working on everything.

Psychological portrait
Gemini is an active sign, but they have no power and energy to have a constant vector, which is essential for success. Twins may not be able to achieve distant goals, but they do not have much in the trials. Innovative practices allow twins to solve everyday problems, make their lives comfortable and pleasant, but sometimes they are at the expense of the surrounding interests. Active and effective twins begin to do many things simultaneously, but they are the simplest and most important one for themselves. The advantage of twins is that they know their weak points so they do not want to ask for help if they can not cope. Ordinary twins have many friends, they are open, friendly, and able to enjoy sympathy. Twins have paradoxical thinking; However, they are characterized by bright and unexpected radiation. At last we add that the twins are mentally, but sometimes very laughable. Their friends have compliments, and the enemies have to hear bitter words. It should be noted here that a friend of twins can become his enemy at any time.

Twin dual character often provokes conflict with their surroundings, and their health affects their lives. The nervous system of twins often fails to load. Many of them suffer from insomnia, they just can not relax. Due to the predisposition to the food, you are concerned about the digestive system, especially the gastrointestinal system. Twins need fresh air and sunlight, but the main thing is active life, sport and communication. Because twins can not be cautious and cautious, they often happen to accidents.

The twin sex life is different because of the number of partners, not least because they always strive for new sensations, bold experiments and everything to exotic. Twins can give a sense of satisfaction to any partner, and remain deeply indifferent towards him. In spite of the partner's twins ask for honesty, attention and feelings of cold, then they lose all interest in the relationship. The intuition of the above mentioned twins makes it very pleasant to the person who can see the desire of a loved one at the slightest level of reference and foresee it all. Gemini belong to the category of those who can make a romance for one night, and they are exposed to such relationships - relationship without obligations, rutin and boredom. What are the twins, what they need permanently and even when they are in marriage.

Culinary predicament
Twins are very lucky in gastronomic terms - they love what they are useful and intuitively choosing the most suitable ration for them. These adults can be badly damaged by the experiments, as they appreciate the various exotic dishes and learn the fare of the distant countries. The ideal rice of twins should be limited to the number of fats and carbohydrates, and proteins, which are rich in eggs, caviar, mushrooms - they are not realistic. It is also useful for cheese, especially spinach, cottage cheese, fish, citrus, nuts.

Kids Horoscope
Baby-twin birthday parental care It is not only movable and cholesterol but also unpredictable - so it is very difficult to determine what the child born on this sign will do next time. And his questions do not end. Twins are interested in everything and in the beginning parents perceive as the best encyclopedia - to find the necessary information in books, they do not have the will. In the family where the children are twins, the adults are interested in the latest invention and modern technologies, including fashion trends, musical directions and the political situation in any country of the world - representatives of this mark characterize others from the "disease" of their own interests. Gemini is very easy to learn foreign languages, and it is especially effective for them to "load" the method. Sitting with books does not like this and the communication is, therefore, when you find a foreign language in the surrounding environment, you will quickly memorize the words and expressions. The school twins make a lot of problems for teachers. They do not report the established rules, but they are very fascinating, so any violation of any rules can be taken out of hand. The twins do not listen to the classroom, talk to their classmates, forget the homework, but rather tirelessly reconsider new technologies and small school hooliganism. However, children born to these signs better cope with the tasks that require a non-standard approach. The baby-twins easily find friends, but they do not interfere with them without having to touch them: they do not have a constant appeal to anyone, as well as many of their sayings or actions are considered offensive. Parents will have patience to teach adults and young people to report and respect other people. The fact that child twins love fantasy and does not have a sharp edge between their own fiction and reality. Often this is the reason for loneliness and non-existence. It is important to remember that young twins are rarely deceiving themselves with evil intentions - they just get upset, and then all around. Parents should be able to discourage their children from getting rid of this dangerous habit.