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Today you have to pay great attention to your health. Avoid irresistible promises, do not follow your desires. Together with your relatives, your other half will ask for advice and help. Pay more attention to children. Share
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Common Description
Lions are characterized by zanti power and great ambition. Lacks all over the life of the lions accompany, but realization finds a better way to get a better chance than to gain an active battle. When the loser finally finds success, he thinks it is an obligation. Others look at the top of the lions, but they respond to any criticism that is acutely painful. The point is that people of this mark are not easily used by people who can assess their behaviors. Lions have a lot of familiarity, but not all of them have warm feelings. They are often surrounded by beneficial people and keep their personal dignity. In general, learning about your mistakes is not characteristic of lions. They win all the victories by their own merits, and the reason for failure is to name the fame of the fate.

Born under the lion, they are irrelevant materialists: they appreciate only real prosperity and strive for it. Men-lions are easily seen by both women and ideas. Their ambition is infinite, but there is a complete impossibility of involvement in the fight against the enemy, lions are running out of the battlefield. Women have a lot of admirers and they keep the memories associated with them for a long time. They are very active and are awarded with the possibility of being able to achieve everything. It should be noted that the ladies who were born under this mark often become wives of rich men, although this is not pragmatic calculations; They just make it easier for a successful person than poor and unpopular.

Henry Ford, Coco Chanel, Enne Burda, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, Titsiani, Jean Renuari, Guy de Mopasan, Alexander Diu (father), Bernard The show, Carl Jung, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Joan Rowling, Yves Saint-Lauren, Robert De Niro, Louis de Founes, Louis Armstrong, Pierre Richard, Jean Reno, Jillian Andersen, Dustin Hoffman, Whitney Huston, Antonio Banderas, Madonna, Mic Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Lopez and others.

The lion's disaster is a fire, but calm, in the fireplace. People of this mark will gladly share their own heat and environment with the support and protection needed in response. The lion's fire is equally sparse, neither too strong nor too weak. He does not burn it, it warms, but sometimes it's not enough. The lion's forces are enough to maintain their warmth, but it does not make the ice cold, even if the lions are less interested in it. The lion burns for his choice and his own energy only when he knows that the result will be noisy and public recognition. Among the signs of fire (Aries, lion, archery) - the lion is more rational in using its own resources. In addition, his fire is comparatively decorated.

Catering and professions
No place to live in the life of the lion, it strives to lead. If he does not have enough skills, he is ready to go to school, because everyone there will be forced to listen to his word. Lions are also popular in politics and psychiatry. It is interesting that the lion, which is inclined to gain power, can not say what is more important - to satisfy his ambitions or to reassure the victims; But people of this mark are really good for everyone. If Leo can become the head of the enterprise, be it a small or large company, he will be happy to take the negotiations and find new partners. The process of planning, recording and routine tasks is very boring to him. During the success of the work, lions can hamper the two qualities - very reluctant attitude towards money and the absurd absence of competitiveness. Condemning the head of the lion is very difficult to spend money in advertising campaigns: he is convinced that this information is already known to everyone. Instead of organizing the office and corporate events, lions will not have the funds that could have been given the right direction. Marriage and compatibility

After glorification, the second weakness of the lion is the thirst for love. Without love they have not been able to live and that's why they have a lot of sexual partners in their lives, but they are characterized by brief and full-fledged romances and not random and rare connections. Lions are disturbed by a loved one, and seek comfort in new relationships. The lion is suspicious, at the same time too lazy to show their advantages to the partner and if you fail on the love front, it is ready to blame anybody else. The lion believes that ideal relationships should be understood as follows: Partner should be in the hands of the arms, and then become downtrodden and ready to express his willingness to perform any of his wishes. As far as it may be, it is quite the case. Lions are easy to find sexual provocations, many of them simply do not understand, and they are also prone to disconnect. Lions then relate to this, but they think of mistakes or apologize for the sake of dignity.

In love, as in the case, the lions forget to hear the verdict, so they often fall in unpleasant or dangerous situations, only to get out of the way that they are phenomenally unjust. For happiness, loyalty needs to be appreciated, which can not be taken from the rabbits who are not in their own head, nor from the pain of the whole world, nor from the practitioners of the Cancer. Instead, the relationship can be harmonious with the person of their mark, and in this case someone should take over the third one. A good partner for a lion may be a smart virgin, especially if it is the main role in this connection. The lion's egoism can melt the archers, and the kidneys will really enjoy its partner-lion.

Key to success in love
Lions can be happier - you can not really get away from it. Personal life is usually full, one novel is changing the other, and the ideal partner does not stop at any moment. The luxury of the lions is apparently large; Most likely, this can be explained by the fact that people of this sign spend much time on their appearance and do not spare the forces to look the best. It is important for them to evaluate, praise and compliment. A serious problem is that when evaluating others' views, lions pay little attention to their own desires and goals. However, there are other vulnerabilities - even in the absence of doubt in their own inability and loyalty to tions in relationships. Sometimes the happiness and satisfaction of life in the life of the lions do not have the slightest humility in order to doubt their own righteousness. It helps to keep the perfectly long-lasting relationships extended. Seven Typical Problems - Seven Keys for Happy Love:

1. I do not love anyone

Loves love more than all the other zodiac signs; Sometimes they ask for it as a burden and a capitulation to begin with when they do not have any choice. Lions rarely show their feelings - even because their nature is characterized by laziness. If you like it or love it well, the lion is more likely to feel that it deserves less praise and does not cause any excitement. The lions should know that someone who loves them is always up to them and does not take all the steps. Advice for Lions: No matter who looks to your strengths, but who sees your weaknesses and forgives them, in this case you will feel like a really beloved person and free from spiritual discomfort.

2. He does not understand me

Lions are more emotional than other signs of zodiac and it is difficult to understand who they are dealing with. They have no kidnappings - they give each novel a heart. However, the lions must be ready to make this kind of joy not appreciated. Star Lions were awarded with many desirable qualities but forgot one, very important - knowledge of partner selection, whose outlook is suited to them. No one knows better than lions, but it is exclusively what your experience ends. Lovers, in order to achieve a mutual understanding with your partner, you will need to talk in his language, to embrace emotions and to formulate problems, because in most cases your choice is cold and rational. Another important moment that you have left without attention is the habit of your anger over a long time, frankly and tastefully. Can any diamond be turned into a dramatic, but will it contribute to increased confidence and mutual understanding? Presumably not. So learn about your problems and take into consideration the partner's expectations and priorities - this can become a means of achieving harmony and not caps and requirements.

3. I love it, but I realize that I'm not my favorite

There are many lions in this problem. The reason is that you are often guided by aesthetic approaches - including partner selection. Roughly speaking, you love everything beautiful and less likely to think that the attractive appearance can be a hiding character. It is precisely the lions to think about choosing a couple - "we will be a nice couple", but it would be much more sensible to think about whether you are a happy couple. Find out what you mean when you say "I love it" - let people in some things justify your expectations, but you'll be disappointed in other issues. If emotional attitudes are really deep and you do not yet have time to think about it, think about whether you are willing to reciprocate the unexpected disappearance of your partner. Maybe you say "I'm not it" - mean that he does not hurry to fulfill your orders. But is that bad? You need leadership, but it is not necessary to be always tactical. Can you mean that the partner is not good enough (smart, wealthy, prospective) for you? But will he have positive qualities? Give them the opportunity to expose them. After all, the couple, where there is a lion, have a chance to be exemplary, very happy, but for that it is necessary to divide roles.

4. There are unsolved problems in our relationships

People of the other sign would have surrendered at that time and would say that relations should be put in place, but not lions. If you have seen a person who loved you and appreciated it, then you will not be less likely to decide on his own initiative. Lions can end up with the same person or stop, stop, and reconcile, every time you believe that you can overcome difficulties - but it is not the case that you do not. If you do not want to lose your choice, you do not have the choice: you still recognize that there are problems and it deserves attention. You will not be able to get rid of the obstacles, but you can learn how to turn their attention to your partner. Remember that happiness is often the result of a serious effort in your love for the representatives of your mark and you will not be lazy to see that endeavor.

5. I can not find a suitable partner

Lions are really in trouble. People of this mark are awarded with a special intellect, but they lose the possibility of hearing the matter when it comes to love. One of the most common mistakes of lambs is the search for a person who fulfills all his demands and orders so that it does not even initiate the initiative; However, in the case of such a wonderful person, the lions are already thinking that the partner might otherwise be more powerful, energetic and resistant to their will. This is the case before it ceases to exist, but nothing is different from the old, because the principle remains unchanged. Lovers, learn from your own experience and do not worry that your choice may be the key in your couples - you will lose nothing if your partner will allow you to make important decisions from time to time and be in the leader relationships. In addition, choosing a partner for many lions is difficult to evaluate the characteristics of its nature, which is not in the eyes. However, the lions are looking at the pink eye of the personality, if it is attractive, intelligent and well-suited, especially if this person is a desirable object. Personal happiness for the lions is inseparable from understanding in humans. Remember that your emotional demands are too deep and you can not always be satisfied with your attention. You will not find a suitable partner at the primitive demands of leadership, but you will probably be happy if you are able to appreciate your choice, to admire it and to listen to his advice.

6. We love each other, but we are all right

This is unpleasant but can not be considered as an insurmountable problem: if you are dealing with a partner, this means that you are in the place of discussions. Moreover, we can assume that you have already taken a look at your own mistakes, but you are not ready yet to accept it. At this time, the main one is to move the controversial conversation into a scandal until it becomes a scandal. To do this, you will have to spend some time to study concessions and diplomacy. You will be happier if you learn to be proud of the pride, recognizing that sometimes you are weak and vulnerable, and finally, to hide that you are one of the most outstanding zodiac signs in love.

7. Our relationships lack seriousness

Very few people go for a serious novel with the lion, as the representatives of this mark are not only worthy personalities, but also a big drawback - have a bad reputation. Lemons, you are a nature that you will see and do not think it is necessary to cover it. Is it worth the recognition that your love of love always causes some kind of skeptic reaction? You will also learn the seriousness of the matter, the words alone are not enough, you should prove your feelings. In addition, lions should choose independent, less or less dependent partners, if there is a need to take the couple's leadership on themselves. With such a person you are ready for serious relationships.

Psychological portrait
The lion is an active sign and it can not be revealed in the nature of people who are born under this sign: almost all of them are extravagant, are at the center of the public life and are themselves "driving". The lions yield to strong personalities, but they define weaknesses as if they want to distribute their own energyless energy. In the favorable conditions for the lion, its strength will be great if the fate does not yield to the "king of the animal", it becomes cruel, capricious and absolutely inactive. On the other hand, when it comes to a situation that requires immediate response, Leo seems to lose its sense of fear and is trying to get to where he might be cunning or cautious. Lions have the power of liberty. They are independent in their own decisions, but they think that they need to be influenced by the behavior of others because they are convinced in their righteousness and sincerity. Emotionalism of the lions is compensated by the ownership of which is the basis for the desire to disclose their own emotions to those who do not deserve it. Because the lions are putting intellectuals on low levels, they often become victims of lies or treachery, which leads to depression and depression.

Lions have solid health from nature but do not think it is necessary to care for them. Refusing to lie down for fun, or choosing the latter between tasty and useful is not really a lom. In addition, even the proud lions doctors rarely believe, and the illness is only due to the will, because they do not know the embryo that you may trust. Lions often become victims of infectious diseases, perhaps because they have a wide range of relationships, and immunity is weak, especially in the rare period when the lion does not care for anything. When Leo is busy, even if it is a minor act, it seems unacceptable for the illnesses, while relaxing and leisurely lose his health. The lion's weakest points are the heart, the ears and the head. We should also add that lions are often victims of an accident. Their account comes with a large number of traumas and fractures. All this is done by speedy means of restoring forces.

Love is especially important for lions throughout life. The lion's heart can not be free - he is either busy or broken, but because of their extraversion, these heroes of love are confronted with their own feelings. Lions from the living satellite are expecting a cold, tenderness and heat, as well as recognition from his family. Because of the strongly developed instinct of the owner, the people of this mark demand a loving, respectful, and enthusiastic one. Lions who are blinded by the desire of dominance often take a fitting step when they are getting married in some ways, such as the weakest of men, the younger the less likely or the less socially inclined. Later, they regret this step because they realize that they are victims of lies or concrete calculations. In addition, even in the lions family, they feel alone if they can not see the same person in their partner.

Culinary inclination
Lions love to eat slowly, supper should be beautifully decorated and enjoyed with indefinitely prepared dishes. They sometimes want to limit their rich and delicious food, sweets, but by limiting any kind of restriction and discharging their character.

The best algorithm of the lion is to use it very tasty and very delicate, while the sophisticated dish is simple, even rude. Among the clever ones, sweets can be replaced with fruit or vegetables, but in the difficult times of life, and in unsuccessful days, the lion is still looking for chips, biscuits and chocolates.

The lions are inclined to perfect, but it is better for them to maintain the ideal weight, not by sports. Sometimes a famine may be helpful, but the kidnapping is certainly not worth it.

Kids Horoscope
The "kingdom" characteristic of the lions is characterized by a deep childhood. They are quick to learn both peers and adults manipulate. Play with the most sensitive themes. The happy baby is loyal, but if you dare to refuse something, it will become unbearable. A child's parents face a difficult task: on the one hand it should create a comfortable environment in which his talent and inclinations will develop, and on the other hand it will prepare for life in this world where every desire is not fulfilled by a magic wand.
Virtually all babies are studying well and easy, they do not have much effort. However, the young representatives of this mark are quite lazy, which leads to problems. Another side of the character that is noticeable is the discovery of children with lambs - this is a colossal thirst for attention. The baby-loyal is ready to make you feel the most beloved, emphasize its superiority over others. Parents should pay particular attention to the attitude of the child to the loyal group, to help and give advice.
The baby lions are very chaotic until new impressions. They are excited about any possibility that allows you to discover something new. Unfortunately, the parents will have to find something new and necessary "fun"; Lions will be tormented and bored until they find something.
It's hard for me to get a baby-loyal assistance in the family - everyday activity seems uninteresting. Wherever there is a creativity approach, it is necessary to demonstrate themselves and adolescents to do their own will. The child born on this sign will be pleased to take part in the selection of furniture and interior items, to prepare a festive table and to plan any activities. They have a lot of entertainment, including many that allow you to play, such as sport, dance, team, theater. The main thing that parents need to teach is that parents are in contact with other people, listen to their opinions, considering their interests. Empathy does not have much to develop from loneliness, but it can be improved by proper upbringing.
The transition age turns the lions into a rebellion, not the love and the frustration. In such moments the child needs tactical support. Try to put in self-confidence and optimism, not to let you offend and to blame others in your failure - unfortunately lions are characterized by this.