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Common Description
People born under this sign are charming, lovely and friendly. They do not hurt anyone because of the trials and try not to hurt the people who have the aspirations and desires of the well-developed intuition. The prophecy of the future is a stunningly accurate, especially characteristic. They are successful and cheerful, always open for communication, but the scales are contrary to nature and in some period of life they look like a real dragon. The dark side of the scales is so unacceptable as their bright side. Because of the occasional hatred, nervousness and humor, people of this mark risk their loss of friends who are completely different from their behavior. There are unstable scenarios in the life-style: activity and inconvenience periodically changes with full apathy when nobody and anything can turn their attention. The extracts are books: the scales love the question always and the good skills of concentrating the material that is available in difficult and unfamiliar fields, and they get great pleasure. Scales, who know their instability, are trying to make rational and weakened decisions, but often they do not meet themselves under the influence of others and behave as they expect. Scales do not trust their intuition - when they learn it, they will avoid too many mistakes.
Men and scales are very generous as money and conscience. Based on logic and cold minds, they reject human psychology as a less important factor. Their wishes are often expressed in a critical manner and forget that they are friendly to others. When you see the mistakes of others, the scales do not notice the ownership and are often overwhelmed by it. The female scales, together with their charm, are rewarded with a number of masculine signs and they know it well. There is a very strong morality behind charm and lightness. In a word, the ladies of this sign do not show their superiority to others, so in relationships they are pleasant and good.

Jean Carter, Marcette Thatcher, Jimmy Carter, Kate Winslet, Jean, Jean Carter, Donna Carnott, Sting, John Lennon, Luciano Pavarotti, Jimmy Carter, Claude Van Dame, Michael Douglas

The scales of the scales are air, which makes their character unstable and unsuspecting. Scales do not like blind trust or trust in something. They prefer to be invisible to everywhere and at any moment disappear in an unknown direction.
The relatives and relatives of the scales are treated very warmly, but this goes into negativity when the scales are on a bad habit. People of this mark seem to know the knowledge as from the air. Learning and innovation is just as normal for them as breathing. The information received does not complicate the life of the scales: all of the negative and disturbing ones are easily scratched into the morning fog.

Career and Profession
Any physical work is a contraindication to the scales: this sign raises the minds and not the workers. Excessive load will further undermine their health rather than increase their capacity The best of them are business activities, but successful businessmen do not have the ability to reasonably manage and have a very modest attitude towards money. In addition, the market requires quick decisions which are very difficult for the scales Rather, it can rationally evaluate and evaluate from different angles of the situation in the fields of legislative and social activities. Because of the futility and fascination of the future, they can become good projects, fantasy genre writers or scientists. It is good for stereotypes to choose a narrow specialty, because the wide profile will have a negative impact on their intellectual abilities. Because of the tendency towards medicine, the good specialists who are born under this sign will enter their field, and without this they can not be sure of themselves. The cataracts of the wounds are incorrectly attached to the accompanying scorching and falling moments, though with low amplitude and smooth transitions. The scales are awarded with creative potential, but they often prevent the selection of art, such as those memories of the artists whose minds have noticed too long. Fear of poverty Scales often choose more practical areas, and accumulators of the subject are deeply studied and successful.

Marriage and Compatibility
Scales can love, but happiness in marriage is rare: they think too long for any behavior and analyzes every word of the choice and find an idea that is unacceptable to them. In fascinating relationships, another enemy of scales is their demanding character. They are full of happiness, but despite this they still managed to get a sense of irritability and frustration in relationships.
Generally, scales have a large community of livelihood and love affair with friendship principles, choosing a partner-intellectual satellite. Among the scales there are also very bad people who can humiliate, insult - even a loved one; There are those who do not have a partner's heat and attention, but do not forget their own interests and try to do more and more money than they do in the joint life. There are no scales to sacrifice, no matter how strong you are.
The hardest scales are the first years of marriage, especially if their heart is conquered by the intentional and strongest person. Over time, the difference of character is narrowed, but the scales still keep waiting for the difficulties, thus suppressing itself and the choice.
The union of people born under this sign is not only bad, it is simply unlikely: they will not be able to make a very long decision and probably will not take the first step.
Unsuccessful relationship with twins: constant variability of one partner and the second fluctuation can not bring spiritual harmony.
The scales can adjust the energy of the scorpion and in the individual cases the lonely life of the locked canes.

Key to success in love
Scales are rarely disastrous in life - in fact it depends on them. Representatives of this mark are very promising and rarely make irreversible mistakes. Sometimes this extra-mindedness leads to delaying decision making and spends a lot of time on it.
In romantic relationships, thinking about everything can bring a lot of positive results. On the one hand, this scroll allows you not to irritate your partner because of some things, and on the other hand, does not often allow you to show your activity and timely to sort the events in the right direction. In the worst case, scales are faced with unpleasant choices - get silent and get acquainted with the actions of the choice that can not prevent or disown people just because it makes decisions more quickly. The scales, you should study in the role of leader and «first person». When you partner in your actions, you forget that you can take responsibility for the development of relationships that are valuable to you.

Seven Typical Problems - Seven Keys for Happy Love:

1. I suffer alone Libra - one of the signs of the zodiac, which is characterized by the desire to find "half a half". Scales are a great discomfort if you need to get away with the partner for a while.
Many of the scales of error are that they are theoretically desperate to start their relationships, and in practice they choose to be patient with the patience that they do not do anything to get closer to him. If someone is lucky and you are interested in it, you will probably find a way to avoid getting acquainted with or getting closer to acceptance or fear of development in an undesirable direction. In fact, in most cases, relationships can be developed when the initiative is the person you have stopped with your choice. You must make a decision and do not be afraid to take the first step; Remember, the world will not be destroyed even if you do not accept it.
You often deplore the overly serious attitude towards relationships that do not exist; The lack of desire to go to an interesting meeting can be caused by nervousness on how you live together or how you find a common language when material problems will be solved. Sometimes you do not need to look so far away; Along with a pleasant personality, you are not obliged to get married or have a joint life with him.
Learn the fate of the fate and let the developments develop right on your own - the positive effect of such a approach will not delay.

2. I can not find a suitable partner After spending some time alone, the scales falling into the search for interesting people often fall into a completely unpredictable, painful and disruptive relationship. They do not reveal what they want to be close to a dignified person, scales are trapped in the trap of those who lose their love and leadership. Nothing is dangerous at the first time - on the contrary, you may enjoy the fact that you have strong and principled people that you are ready to do. But disappointment does not wait for a long time; After choosing that the choice has been made incorrectly, the scales do not rush to terminate relationships - prefer to endure and suffer. When the situation is unbearable, the scales take a decisive step and get hurt again - this time alone.
In order to break the enchanted circle, you must form your own wishes and requirements. The banal advice of love for yourself is not as bad as it may seem to be one, but you also have to get to know yourself in your deepest, emotional demands. In this difficult case, you may be able to help you, both sexes, are awarded by nature as a feminine intuition and a masculine logic. You need to use this weapon in your favor.
If you aspire to harmonious relationships that are based not only on love but also mutual respect, you must first learn to respect and use the forces in which nature is awarded to you. There is no need to get rid of the first emotional case if you have enough energy and strength to remember this and resist your temptation to do anything that will give you a minute of satisfaction in the sense that you are not alone.

3. We love each other, but I do not feel happy There is a certain emotional immature characteristic of stimuli, which prevents harmonious relationships, even if the partners are honestly one another. The people of this mark will not feel that any relationship involves the responsibility of both parties; Fearing that sooner or later they will make a decision, the results of which are unimaginable - can overshadow any novels. If you are young, do not hurry yourself in romantic relationships until you are convinced that you are quite independent and free to make decisions; Adult scales are better to forget that they can fight negative trends and not tolerate a situation that creates a spiritual discomfort.
In some cases, when the scales are met, they are deeply inclined to go to the Tantalalys and to find the root of all the problems that become completely unavailable to the partner. Because of this there is a dividing wall. Therefore, the scales need to think about what you do not have for your spiritual comfort than to worry about the discomfort of your own - it can be different things. The main condition of couples happiness is the feeling of inner harmony in each of them, but it is not worth separately. If you do not have any doubts about the fact that the partner is correctly chosen and you are a victim of her manipulation, talk openly what to bother but do not stop working on myself. In addition, use all the possibilities to make your ideas, realize the idea and get closer Every scam is confronted with this problem that fully trusts his partner and speaks openly everything that makes his soul passionate and honest in his wishes. The grievances arise because your words seem to be understandable but do not act; It seemed as if the partner had let him in one ear and let him go.
The thing is that the scales make the impression of cold and angry people, and they do not seem to be passionate. Pay attention to how you give your feelings - not as an exaggerated scientific report, but interesting and unattractive moments. Many people speak emotionally, but they are less likely to be scales. Your calm may be a partner, thinking about the indifference to the issue or the lack of desire to discuss. Do not be afraid of putting emphasis on your debates and discussions, as long as you do not have to be boring - this is one way to make your choice to know that there are moments in relationships that are not flawless.
Peacemaking is a strong stance of scales, but the testimony to that is the self-sacrifice of this mark. As a result, you are still a partner, and unconsciously you have to take retaliatory steps from him - even if he does not even imagine how much peace and mutual understanding it is!

5. I consider myself a victim of my partner The scales have enough spiritual strength and emotional strength, but for one reason they prefer to forget when it comes to love. Lack of loneliness and resistance is often the desired victim of all kinds of manipulator. Because people of the scales are smart and sensitive, psychological games with them are very fascinating. It's not worth the chances of choosing a bad guy if you notice that you are doing very often as you expect it and completely forget about your own wishes and goals. It is quite possible that your favorite cares about your welfare as he understands.
The problem is difficult and its solution will take long time. It's better to start with the analysis of the situation in which you need to help with logic and intuition. Assess your partner and avoid criticism. Do not give emotions to influence your thoughts, try to find out the causes of his behavior and decide whether to open the case openly. In some cases, it may be very difficult for you to do it - it's better to start with the little ones, protect your interests, avoid confrontation, express your will and your will. Some weak, emotionally vulnerable scales sometimes select response manipulation tactics if you're on the road, try to turn you up if you have the opportunity - otherwise you will be even more difficult to deal with. 6. I can not put a point on the point of relationship that does not work Scales are easy to love and are often in marriage, especially if you do not think that you can bring it all up. The decision of the division is difficult, especially the situation is tedious if the partner can not be charged - except that it is not ideal.
Still, remember that romantic relationships require decision-making and protection, and its termination is one of the moments when the peace you've created can be deadlocked. You have the right to be happy, even when many of your steps are not justified; Decision on "staying friends" suited to another couple. It will be less suitable for you because the feeling of guilt is always worse, or you are forced to return to the relationship you are trying to terminate. Do not wait to get everything done by yourself; In this situation you are required to be resigned. Be tactful, do not hurt people who love you, but do not blame yourself for too much - it's great to believe that you are the reason for all the calamities.
Finally, promise yourself that you will not make any previous mistakes in new relationships; Believing that the way to the future happiness will help you to make a serious decision.

7. I can not concentrate on relationships with one person During the marriage, the stylists know that it will not last long and they are allowed to leave the partner on the horizon. The "seriousness" of relationships for people of this mark is more related to feeling calm and temporary protection than for a long time.
It should also be noted that with the difficult beginning of romantic relationships, it is more difficult for them when the surface is transmitted to a serious novel. Everyday concerns and problems are not the most suitable for the scales, they are more interested in the bright and memorable moments. In order for them to be happy, the stimulus should learn to practice and overcome the trials, otherwise they will think that they will be happier with other partners and take appropriate measures. This tactic may show you luxurious, but you can not bring good results; They are thus risking a network of relationships, none of which will be really harmonious.

Psychological portrait
The scales are an active sign, but people born on this sign do not possess enough energy to overcome the impact of the surrounding and prefer to escape. Despite the fact that their wishes have the potential to behave in reality, the scales give too much time to make a decision, discussing the various possibilities and conditions, and in the end they are opting for something that is optimal for some action. Convincing the person of this mark can be quick in action, but in this case he will completely remove the responsibility for the events and consequences.
Instead, when the decision is made, the scales do not pass the choice and intuitively dedicate the effort to achieve the set goals in a consistent manner. It is especially important that the scales do not move from the chosen road, as if they are not around and can not see anything.
Actively participating in disputes and disputes, thus protecting their own opinions and taking great pleasure from the intellectual competition; Sometimes they provoke conflicts just because they protect themselves from the enemy's attacks.
During their periods, when their energy is falling, the scales are less likely to be locked up and locked up. They seem to collect energy for mulch activity.

Scales can not really be morbid or mental, nor physical health, they try to take care not to get over and not get over. However, in the difficult moments, the desire to separate them often leads to depression, which in turn "stunts" the scales in weak spots - in the liver and kidneys.
Scales, especially those who can not afford physical labor, suffer from back pain, sometimes very strong. Some people have a severe headache that seems to be untreated and can disappear over time. There are virtually no thin people among the scales; Many of them suffer from obesity and have no interest in sprouts; Others lose health because of alcohol's love Sexuality
Charming, smiling and very beautiful scales are easy to understand, but they are hard to see. They choose the partner with very observation. Even the loved ones remain egoists in the heart of the heart, but it seems like they are attracting a new victim.
The erotic life of the scales is a sample of genuine art: they can enjoy pleasure from everything that sexual relations gives, and can not even afford a passionate passion. Sometimes the scales have a couple of novels simultaneously, but not because they are headstrong, they choose the best partner in this way.
Sometimes the scales do not refuse sexual intercourse, even though the feelings are long before you find it: The argumentable arguments are easy to find that the distance to a loved one is early. In addition, the scales are not cruel in nature, so try not to torment anyone, even those who do not love you.
Failure in the love relationships is frequent in the life of the scales, it is the fault that they start judging where action is needed. But people of this mark have no qualities to romantic relationships, even because they have a person who can calm down. Culinary predicament
Scales are mostly gourmets, they love good wine and sweets. But they often do not choose what is good for them. For example, they refuse cereal grains and eat cakes and biscuits, aromatic vegetable food choices for greasy and spicy sausages, meat, smoked sausages.
The scales must be controlled by the seafood, herbs, meat and potatoes and sour cream rich in cherry juice. children's horoscope
Child-scales have great joy and fewer problems for parents and relatives. They are dignified, correct and disciplined. From childhood, you have a good sense of humor and delicacy. One problem is the lack of desire to make decisions independently. In the result, the child-scales or completely disapprove the parents, or finds a model example in their peers - unfortunately not always a good example.
The sooner the independent character of any of the barriers to the scales of the parents, the better. Of course, it's not worth it to encourage bad habits and barriers, but the child should be able to analyze and act on any behavior. .
Child-scales quickly adapt to the habits of adults and take part in their activity. But they often reassess their own forces, who are worse than their forces, and then get caught up in their emotional state.
Child-scales are prone to deeper nervousness, thinking about disqualification and unpleasant topics, disregarding the old irregularities. It would be good if the parents of such a child can enjoy the pleasure of life - then the child is characterized by a more positive attitude towards everything.
In childhood, scales are often sick - they are suffering from allergies and other diseases. Parents should take care of their food and proper nutrition. Another qualitative feature of child-scales is their high sensitivity; Such children are painfully reacting to loud and rude voice, they do not love the fluffy colors, they feel very uncomfortable in the dressing tissue. As a kind of compensation, nature will reward such children with musical, artistic and acting talents; The main thing is to give this talent a decent use.