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General Horoscope
Common Description
One of the most outstanding features of fish is the possibility of seeing from the side and assessing the weak and strong sides. The fish know precisely what they can do, and have a little ironic attitude to themselves, and here they demand a serious approach from others.
Fishes are not stable: they may refuse to give up their promises or to forget about them several times a day and in spite of their appreciation of friendship, some of them may be paid interest. Sometimes the people of this mark are lying because of their appearance in the eyes of others, and sometimes they do it unnecessarily.
Fishes seem to be weak. In addition, people of this mark are less valuable than material welfare and do not have great demands when it comes to the results of their work. When you have a chance to get anything without extra effort, they try not to miss this opportunity.
Among the fish there are very weak people who are easily affected by bad influences; They are very strong, industrious and purposeful, but they need to be in the right place and at the right time to achieve success.
Men and fish are not worth the bold and decisive steps; They tend to laugh in the direction of the flow, which sometimes leads to the goal. If males and fishes succeed, often it is not because of its own, but because of justification and favorable circumstances. As a rule, people of this mark are less interested in revelations and have a lot of hidden enemies. Their perception about reality is far from reality.
Females are very sentimental, focusing on their vulnerability and vulnerability, do not hide the protection and protection. They are kind and attentive, but have a very mild way to grow up.


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Fish is a natural disaster, but it is watery. This is a category of people who reach everything by slapping and not attack. Instead of looking for alternative ways, instead of trying to solve the problem.
Fishes follow the flow, avoiding the difficulties and energy they spend on games rather than work. The fishes of the inner world do not contradict or defend themselves from it The fish of the fish always tries to taste the taste of salt - whether it's tears or drops. In addition, fish life can not be called tense: the imagination of people born under this sign is so great that it loses its energy loss. Catering and professions
No matter how vulnerable the fish, the fields in which they can succeed are quite large. Fishes often choose medical and educational spheres. The imagination paves the way to the art of fishes, and prone to the oddities - experimental and occult science. Fishes rarely meet successful businessmen and billionaires who have made their own property: they are not interested in glory, prestige and wealth, are satisfied with the "normal level of life". Fishes can not fight a competitive fight; In order to overcome the way to success, the fish need a stronger hand and support that will push forward and not allow you to get out of the way. Among the fish are real workers, but as a rule, they are heading out because they escape from reality. Fishes and scientists work day and night in the laboratory, just because you feel uncomfortable at home.
In modern, fish talents are widely used in the advertising and entertainment industry. The fish can not manage the enterprise or the bank, and they can easily manage the radio station or television. The love of travel and the opportunity to share impressions allow the fishermen to become good journalists or surrogates; In addition, people of this mark rarely enclose the house, so they can work overseas for years. Many fishermen become clergy and in this way realized the desire to help others; Some of them are going to make a charity.

Marriage and Compatibility
Fishes are very emotional and love plays an important role in their fats. Instead of feeling lust, they appreciate the tenderness and loyalty, as well as the feeling of protection and protection that is accompanied by a strong connection. Fishes are able to solve their problems at the expense of partner, but they do not hide their admiration and endless loyalty. Infinity has been comprehended for the abstraction - the person of this mark can be a loyal partner in a certain period of time and retains the possibility of disappearing at any time from the horizon.
Fishes do not forget the trifles, the remix is ​​important for a loved one; They prepare preparations for birthday or marriage anniversary, easily recount details of romance and romance. Sometimes the fishes themselves remember the beautiful history of love and live with this illusion until the rough reality does not break. The fish are afraid of dependency and thoroughly to others: often they have to suffer because of their partner. Fishes are cold in love relationships. Their deception is easy, it's easy to lose, if the lie is exposed.
The fish nest of the fish is cozy: the family atmosphere is very much on them, the cozyness of which is the trust of the partner. The fish is inclined to pick a taller man who has the leader's qualities as he knows he can not have a leading position in communicating. Dreaming fish like the hidden force, the confidence of tomorrow's day, is characterized by cancers and goats. The fish will love the first one for compassion and reciprocity, and the latter because of the hidden childish nature.
The archery's energy and impulse disguise the fish, and the connection with the business can hardly forget the odor of cold. A good pair will be Pisces-Taurus, where the romance of one partner is balanced by the rest of the other. Connection with the lion is unpleasant, as well as its own sign - because their feelings soon disappear with the inner mood.

Key to success in love
Fishes make a big impression on the opposite sex because they are easier to share deep emotions, as well as the unidentified and unruly character that many awaken the instinct of hunter. People of this mark are awarded with imagery and creativity in romantic relationships. In addition, they are sentimental, able to show their interest towards the partner.
Harmony in the personal life of people in this mark prevents unnecessary carelessness and transferring responsibility to others, and for the convenience of comfort and happiness for himself. Fishes are not egoistic, on the contrary, they are well aware of how to make a partner and enjoy it. However, people of this mark characterize the security issues in romantic relationships, as they consider their choice as someone who will protect them, not criticize, refuse to fulfill their requests and will not take decisive steps.
The problem of the couple may be that the fish can easily change their goals, leading to the partner's deadlock and often fail to explain the cause of the conflict. Is another factor that violates the feeling of psychological comfort - a high reciprocity that prevents fish from being influenced by other people.

Seven Typical Problems - Seven Keys for Happy Love:
1. I suffer from solitude alone Many fish are bored to live without love and feeling. When someone is fascinated, these people avoid themselves and forget everyday problems - dream and fantasize. In addition, the fish are very rare in the initiative in the relationship, but they are waiting for decisive steps, attention, and even the fact that they can give attention to them in different ways.
As long as the goals of the other side are clear, the fish begin to feel nervous and think that they are worthy of love and can not love their choice. In order to actually start a relationship, the fish must come out of their inner world and use the opportunities that live.
Romantic dreaming is good, but it is one of the ingredients of the fishes; Born under this sign should pay attention to other barriers of nature and will change the situation altogether. Fish, you can really find a person with whom you will be happy. Nevertheless, let's not forget that you can be satisfied with your time and achieve success independently; For this you need to make life interesting and full-minded to learn their own desires and achieve them. 2. I can not find a suitable partner

If love relationships do not go as the fish are waiting for, they are ready to blame their partner, but they recognize their mistake and think that they are victims of torture.
Many fish simply can not feel the sense of happiness, even in the time of love, so they are reluctant to deal with any kind of cognizance, caution and caution can not affect their behavior to prevent them from being useless and non-harmonious. Euphoria, which is fond of fish, will force them to close their eyes on all the choices Even if we take into consideration the feeling of great compassion and sincerity, it's hard to guess why the fish are chosen by weak partners and why they can not refuse any harmful habits that make them difficult. The sad paradox is that the fish are trying to get close to the unconscious!
In order to avoid mistakes that may have a serious impact on your life, you need to listen to the internal voice of your own feelings and aspirations. It is important that a person who has a relationship with life has a constructive approach to life, protecting yourself and your interests! Learn how to distinguish wrong and love from one another and remember that it is unprotected that you can actually become a dishonest user of your energy. 3. He does not justify my expectations

Many fish, especially young people, are not emotionally realistic. In other words, from romantic relationships they expect something special that will not have a relationship with everyday. In choosing a partner and at the beginning of the relationship, the fish do not get rid of the pink sculpture and think that their feeling will last forever, will not change - thereby putting it into the deadlock.
The fish can combine the two, mutually opposite desire: as soon as possible in a love relationship and find the ideal partner. Your imagination can abuse was just a joke - totally inappropriate person to show you the ideal, which is why, though, have a false, unfounded expectations. Try to get more into the situation, listen to the inner voice: Because of the tendency towards deep feeling, the wrong step can be very dangerous for you.
If you feel that you associate with someone dear to a standstill due to unjustified expectations, try not to judge a sense, but common sense - the logic of this will be helpful! When analyzing the situation you can come up with interesting conclusions and find a way out of the situation, regret and inactivity will lead you to depression instead of happiness

4. He often kills the heart

The fish are vulnerable - they all need to know who they are in touch with, and in romantic relationships they are dual vulnerabilities. It is good if you are a partner and you will be careful, but even the most carefree partner can hurt you, even if you do not want it at all. The problem is that fish that are always ready to reveal their own emotions do not try to disclose their causes that cause painful and unpleasant situations. partner before being completely insecure fear, you tomb wall of silence just when the constructive dialogue can bring good results.
Those who are trying to achieve harmony in romantic relationships will have to express their wishes, expressing them clearly and clearly. In such a time, avoid the use of endless thought or hints. Even when you have a partner and to understand each other on the intuitive level, efforts are needed to give a voice for yourself.
You do not have to use the word «non» to interact with your partner and to fix your opinion - you know it's easier than you do what you think is unacceptable. You also have to fight against excessive sensitivity to criticism, which is a well-developed sense of humor.

5. He does not trust me Emotional and deep-hearted, festering fishes are hard to believe that they are not all around. If a partner does not tell you all the feelings, emotions and fears, you do not talk about your own feelings for hours, it does not mean that your choice has been suspended.
Pay attention to how much of your acquaintances are involved in resolving practical issues - the issues that you do not even pay attention to. Maybe your partner the importance of the issues that are of interest to you and does not cause them not to discuss with you, because you do not need to mogatsqinot.
Compared to all other zodiacal signs, the fish want to know everything about their partner, in fact, before the stomach. It is dictated not by the sense of ownership, but with the honest interest. It also plays a big role in the fact that the fish are well aware of how important the trials can be - they do not want to see anything out of sight.
If you want more confidence and trust from your partner - do not be afraid to ask yourself, you are interested in his activities. Your behavior does not seem to be boring because you never leave the natural sense of tactic.

6. Our relationship is boring

Fishes in romantic relationships seek deep and strong feelings than diversity. Stability and predictable situation is a joy to people of this mark. But at times they change the desire to change, which causes them to show the behavior that drives passion and strong reactions in the partner. Fishes who do not have much experience of life have such behavior that may be a bad thing, such as betraying and eventual separation, just because they are not important in their relationship. The fish also find it difficult to get in touch with the idea that love and dizziness are just part of the relationship that is very valued.
Nevertheless, in your hands is a change of life and diversity. Do not forget about your own desires, but do some work that your partner is interested in From your own nature, you can be romantically involved in the head and the same is from the partner. But is it worth the world to be worth it, even if it is the best?
Search for more pleasant emotions, and no matter what is important, do not be afraid of initiating the initiative. Everyone does not need to perform the role of a dazzling stake, and if you are expecting someone else You're asking for too much. In addition, we must admit that even in the most powerful couples, the emotional needs of partners may be different and those who connect with life can not even understand what is your discomfort. Make your own wishes, but do not be bothered by boredom, otherwise the partner might think that you lost your interest.

7. I'm not sure about the seriousness of our relationships

The fish are easy to love and as soon as they feel more or less, they start dreaming about the future. Your imagination is rich with the ideal images of life, but you have to recognize that they rarely have something in common with them. Can you talk about serious relationships with whom you actually do not know? Or is it worth it when you take the first step in a futile attitude?
Do not forget that any relationship, including romantic, is developing over time and changes over time. At first you can not see any obligations in it, but everything is slowly getting worse when you become valuable people.
You should think not only about the future but also on the present, to assess the behavior of a loved one. Sometimes the seriousness of relationships is not enough for marrying or free time together The fish do not have the beliefs of themselves and that is why they seem to not appreciate the people. Believe that you have a dignity that will not be overlooked by a loved one. Do not look for dramatic experiences where there is no excuse for their existence. You know very well - you can be surprised by the fact that you have doubts that your nature is serious, deeply and frankly interested in anyone. Finally, be more fun and optimistic. Are you in a romantic relationship with whom you expect happiness, joy, and no sufferings or misery? Psychological portrait
The fish sign is passive, people born on this sign are not active and purposeful. They can not resist the situation, they give the dream that everything will be sorted out and it does not disturb the trials. Generally balanced; If there is any emotions, it will not be too late. The fish are cared for by their calm, and they do not give you the opportunity to break their spiritual calm. Even the slightest decision is taken after a hard and long thought, but this is not because they analyze the situation at all times; They just have trouble mobilizing and concentrating on something specific. These people trust more intuition and believe in signs of the twist.
Fish is not characterized by mercantilism and name; It is pleasant to help others than themselves. We have to wait for the comfort and support of the fish from the fish, but instead they are better able to force others to help those who need it. Fishes avoid competition and conflict when the situation is tense, try as much as possible from him. It is acceptable for them to provide protection The fish have a strange intellect: it is not clear, the world view is noteworthy, and the controversy about the outside world is controversial. Among the fish there are many unsuccessful people, but there are those who reach harmony and happiness. Health
Alcohol and drugs are a serious threat to fish - people with this mark have no need to refuse harmful habits. Instead, they are not inclined to have a sensible meal that can not be explained by appetite.
Generally, the fish must take care of the correct ration. Lack of vitamins or useful substances for their weak organism may be disastrous and end with catastrophic results. The same can be said about clean air, sunlight and reasonable physical load.
Fish has weak lungs and weak immunity: they are very easy to get sick and do not like to go to the doctor. However, their organism is able to cope with the difficulties at the back of the background of weakness.
Fishes are sensitive to the situation in the surroundings and may become ill because of lack of light and warmth, and sometimes because the room where you live or work is poorly arranged. Fishes do not account for themselves in this regard, and therefore do not take any measures if someone will see it and change the situation, they will be repaired immediately.
A lot of fish are a serious problem for insomnia. In this case it is advisable to walk in the fresh air, light physical load, breathing exercises and not medications: Frequent and arbitrary use of medications for people with this mark is very harmful

Fish are usually attractive, they can emphasize their dignity and fascinate them. This masterpiece has been living in the hope that they will use it once in their favor. Fishes are waiting for romantic visits.
Fishes are diverse in sex, but the partner does not feel anything, so it's often frustrating. In general, people of this mark do not speak loudly about their wishes, enabling the readers to find themselves and make conclusions.
Virtually all the fishes are given the passions when a suitable and attractive environment; In this case, it is easier for them to convince themselves that it is true love and not just sex.
The fish love the journey and the resort romance often have: these people can easily get away from home and embrace their own freedom. Even the cutting of the short-term union is very painful for the fish: they need a little time to imagine a beautiful future and accept the idea that it will come. The illusion of illusions, even completely unfounded, pushes fish into melancholy and depression.

Culinary predicament
Fishes do not pay much attention. They can be hungry, rather than preparing the product in the refrigerator.
Fish should not use excess quantities of fatty foods that are very hard for their organism, as well as spicy sauces and excess sweets. It would be nice if you replace potatoes with rice or balm. It will also be useful for boiled vegetables (beans, cauliflower).
Apricot, rice and hazelnuts are useful for fish. The raw vegetables should not be ruled out.

Kids Horoscope
Baby-fishes - dreamer and fantasy from birth. At home where such a child does not know what is boredom, one day is not the same as the other, it just makes people believe miracles. Child-fishes, unlike their peers, do not hurry to get up soon, they like it when they care about them.
They like you do not worry. Typical fishes live like they like; It is very difficult for a baby-fisherman's day and proper feeding. There is also a problem with peer adaptation - fish do not recognize common rules.
Such children are trying to be close to adults, even when they are adults and may make an independent decision. Without support, they lack faith and are confused. Parents of fish should take care of the daily tasks that involve the relationship with their peers. Fishes are very unusual. Tough words can be tears of tears, and the critical comment is horrible. Such children are constantly asking for approval of love from parents and dealing with very expensive evidence. The fish have musical, artistic and literary data; Difficult to find accurate sciences. They are easy to learn foreign languages, and they are not really able to boast in writing skills - even in native language. Success in learning depends on the environment at school, the comfort of which is great for fish; Parents of fish should pay attention to their relationship with their parents and classmates.
Despite the appearance of the baby, the baby-fishes are not so weak in health. However, harmful habits are easy to use - it relates to nutrition, dressing up, and going to the computer uncomfortable. Parents should pay attention to the fact that the child does not want to be healthy.