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Common Description
The archers all live long in the mind and body, so they are quite harmoniously developed and are in good mood. They appreciate openness and freedom, and any restrictions are painfully taken.
The arrogance and honesty of archers are unfortunately balanced by impulsiveness, and sometimes even overhead. In addition, the people of this mark can easily fall in the extreme, acquire enemies for some extra honesty and justice. It is interesting that archers often protect others' rights rather than their own. They constantly feel responsible for others, but rarely take care of themselves.
Among the archers, there are two types of people - noble and noble intellectuals and poor financiers who are trying to gain power. The latter do not think it is a lie, but they are less concerned about it.
All the archers are confident in their ignorance and even the most fair criticism does not pay attention, and the advice is the most rude form. But with those who do not try to influence the behavior of archers, they have a good attitude.
Father-archers are distinguished by a lot of talk and even women do not even gossip. They seem to be constant adults who can reveal untouchability or hooligan behavior. The battle as always winners are performed, but at the same time they do not spare the forces of being defeated. In short, archers are always noble.
Good mothers are from women and archers, who are distinguished with nobility and willingness to get everything for family welfare. They do not betray men and do not deceive them. The one thing that women-archery does not love is family activities. He can put all the forces in order to create a family cozy, but he will not be happy with the outcome. In the calm approach towards such weakness, women-archers help unchangeable optimism.


Alexander Eiffel, Stefan Tweig, Gustav Flopper, Hector Berlusz, Lope de Vega, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Gianni Versace, Maria Tuuso, Walt Disney, and Wendt. Others.

A sign of archery fire. His fire is strong and strong, and the wind becomes more sharp after the aging, but does not spell the sparkle and does not cover the big area.
Like other people of the fire mark, archers love adventures, but they do not get stuck in it, for example, as in the dreams they do not dive into dreams, The fire from the signs of archery is in a more favorable condition - its fire is quite strong but it is easily controlled. Archers are not burning in their own fire alley, but they are not satisfied with inaction as lions. Their fire burns equally and clearly and gives the energy needed to move forward.

Catering and professions
The archery career is usually uneven and seems to be contrary to their nature: concentrated on the same case also try not to be limited to one specialty, always starting to live from scratch. Diligence and mobilization help achieve success in any initiative, but the closer the peak is, the greater the archers' desire to get something new and inexperienced. The more active and the worst archers are the professions that are frightening to the people; A policeman, firefighter, rescuers, military journalists, soldiers, pilots or divers - what is the profession of this mark eventually if someone does not limit their choice.
Many archers are inclined to music, so they become composers, artists or artisans of musical instruments.
Archers are a kind of players and those who do not realize this in the business of business are often invited by casinos or stock exchanges. Regrettably, gamblers do not play in gambling games, and the money generated is easily handed out.
The bullies are very bored, so the job is an integral part of their lives, which they spend all the free time and even family interests.

Marriage and Compatibility
In the most dramatic way, many of the archers' family lives: they get married early in the age, do not take into consideration anybody's advice and then do not hurry to break up a family relationship even during frustration. The point is that people of this mark are very proud and prefer to hurt themselves and others than to recognize a mistake. Archers have their own family's praise, even when it is bad and the family fire has long been turned off.
The purpose of women or men born under this sign is not marriage. For happiness, the main thing is freedom, so we recommend their favorites to not "conquer" them completely. People of this mark appreciate their partnership and talent, not the appearance or passion.
The family's arousal of archery is very uneven: romantic, passionate periods are followed by scandals, the causes of which are characterized by the eccentricity of the character and the sudden outburst of anger. At the same time, archers can not correct the crime, but over time try to mitigate the situation. Archers love the older ones, but they will not allow themselves to do so. Direct criticism is very bad on them. They can make minor things a big problem and discontinue their relationships.
In the marriage, scales can be unpredictable and tense of communication with any little girl. The thing is that they are accustomed to concealing their weaknesses and problems from a loved one, and they only feel when it is too late to correct the mistake. The archery connection will be interesting and successful, adventurous and full of passion. A beautiful couple will come out of archery and ax.
The archer will find the lion's heart key, at the same time reducing it with his own energy and life jinn. The connection with the fish is doubtful. The thing is that it's the most sensitive thing that characterizes the archer, threatens sensitive fish.

Key to success in love
The archery is not looking for simple ways to find happiness and it will reflect on his personal life. Fortunately, the representatives of this mark are awarded with a sense of self-warning, so they avoid the connections they hurt. But the failures have a lot in personal life, the reason is their adventurous character and that they can not stop at the moment.
In arrogance, archers can hinder their stubbornness and the punishment of those who have different opinions. For all this reason, everything in the novelties and peacefully started by archers is bad. In such a time, the couple always have a reputation for reprimand, irritability and criticism. Despite that, archers do not try to get away with the partner and expect that the relationship will be sorted out. The couple may be long in the waiting for the harmony, but they can never reach it.
To be more happy in their personal lives, archers must recognize that despite the characteristic power, activity and spiritual strength they need to feel secure. As far as being strange, archers are lovers of adventure and dangerous adventure, appreciating their stability, loyalty and truth. Seven Typical Problems - Seven Keys for Happy Love:
1. I can not choose a suitable partner Usually, such complaints have those archers who have some life experience and have left behind a number of unsuccessful connections. Sometimes a similar problem is encountered by young representatives of this mark, which instinctively encounters that the chosen person does not meet their spiritual needs.

In romantic relationships, Archers trust only their intuition and ability to judge. They do not intimidate unequal marriages or connections that people consider to be extravagant. The difference in age, worldview, religious beliefs, they do not regard any obstacles when they are in love. It is very high in the people of this mark to be fascinated by their fantasy and their beliefs. However, sooner or later, as well as people of all other signs, you will have access to land; It turns out that you can not understand and do not see the common language at the intuitive, subconscious level of your second half.
So, archers, your life will be much simpler, if you are in romantic relationships, not only with emotions, but also with a smile. Sometimes you need to consider the advice and recommendations of those people who know you well. Chances of attracting extravagant and strange people is great, but having a relationship with them - difficult. Keep this in mind when you feel that you lose yourself.

2. I love it but I am sad with him Archers are very fond of freedom and can not get restless. Feelings of change and new emotions are essential for them. If your choice is a person who loves a stabilizing and predictable situation, you may face serious difficulties.
The main problem is that at the initial stage of your relationship you are concentrating on the partner and do not want to see anything; Some time later, on the contrary, you will not pay attention to this person as much as he deserves. Do not get romantic relationships as a restriction system and a factor of self-actualization or hindering achievement of goals. It will be good if you leave your personal space and allow your partner to do the same - so both of you will be able to grow personally and that's exactly what you need to lose in your interest.
If you love and appreciate your partner, do not let the light entertainment allow you to spoil your relationship. Pranchau and Flirt can be encouraged - unfortunately, for a long time you will be able to get the result of such a mistake for a long time

3. He asks so much from me

Brave and unassuming archers lose courage when dealing with long-term commitments. Representatives of this mark seek to maintain long-term freedom. They try to keep you back even when you have a lonely stay with your partner. Difficulties appear at the moment when a simple, inconvenient relationship is needed; At this time, archers feel that the partner is very much waiting for them.
If you are a partner of a partner, try to objectively evaluate the requirements that you put up - absolutely possible that they are not excessive. However, you need a healthy approach to your own desires; Do not worry about your choice when he asks you to accept your independent, even egoistic and overly extravagant character. In anticipation that the partner will receive you as you are, you do not take into account your instability;
In fact, the person with whom you have chosen your choice constantly suits your character. The main thing is to expect from you - this is the result of behavior and foresight; If you are open to learning and explaining the causes of their own behavior, it will be easier for you to achieve harmony in relationships.

4. Love relationships change my character

A loving, funny archery, a lover of freedom becomes a different one. His jealousy appears in jealousy, and common sense becomes secondary.
You are awarded with a strong will and can express it in any situation so as not to treat your partner's emotional attachment. Do not lose your independence, keep your own interests; Sometimes it is necessary to maintain a "personal territory" even in the most reliable and close relationships, since its existence determines your spiritual comfort.
The greatest danger for your love affairs and personal development can be the loss of your individuality. Keep in mind how close you do not have a close relationship with your choice, you need to be someone who is not and do not get blindly the kind of behavior that can be tactfully suggested to you. It is necessary to admit that archers rarely choose tyrannical partners, intuitively meet their threat, but at the same time become victims of manipulator, psychological traps and intrigues

5. She does not look seriously Archers are often impressed with the impression of optimistic, optimistic people, but their partners do not trust a whole lot of stupid and stupid people. It's hard to imagine that the nature of the archery is hidden behind a deep intuitive understanding of wisdom and life.
Rarely show weaknesses with archers, they share the moods about fears and fears. That's why even those who have a permanent relationship with them think that people of this mark are not serious about anything. It is important that archers learn how to share feelings with their partner, otherwise it will be less likely to understand how deep your feelings and emotions can be, and the attitude will also be unserious.
Many archers often carry the mood and optimism mask that completely cuts in this role and refuses to listen to serious topics, discuss the future, etc. If you're in a difficult situation and you are humorous, then you will not be surprised if your partner takes it as pleasurable, but it's not easy and you see the attitude of the person in your mind, the relationship with which it is so interesting.

6. Romantic relationships never last long

Archers have difficulty maintaining their love relationships for a long time, as the fact indicates that the divorce rate is higher than they are in other zodiac signs. Many marriages have a marriage and happiness even harder as their independent nature opposes any ties, and the desire to buy new experiences permanently reflects loyalty and stability. In addition, the archers have their own system of values ​​that do not always coincide with what is being done in society; Sometimes it is difficult for them to see a partner who is ready to live "different from others" and very soon, because of this, the harmony of the struggle to fight for the protection of their ideals.
In order to avoid romantic relationships, you need to be very attentive to your long-term emotional needs. Your confusion is difficult, but at the time of breaking up, you change your desires and goals by your partner. This is a direct way to a disharmony, which results in open conflict or cooling, which ultimately leads to their termination. Remember that you can find a common language with your partner only who is fluent in your language and do not agree with compromises until you know what you are buying or losing it yourself.
It is no less important that archers are not only sensitive and emotional, but also intellectuals. Therefore, the births of this sign will only be won if you do not trust blindly love - a little calculating and coldness will be beneficial for everyone who wants to avoid serious mistakes. 7. We are all we are talking about People who have difficulty expressing emotions and are calm are in a relationship with archers: the people of this mark are sharp and uncompromising, not always willing to listen to others, but strongly protect their own interests even when no one is required to protect them. It may be shown to you that the archery is the initiator of the conflict, but that is not the case: "The average temperature of his feelings may be stronger than the partner. So if your choice does not make your provocative deliberate, be ready to work on yourself; Otherwise, we can assume that the couple have serious problems that resolve the efforts of both parties - if they really want to maintain their relationship.
If the debate is due to trials, the best way to eliminate them is to use tactical and diplomatic methods. At first you may be told that you demand colossal concessions from you, but you will soon notice that the effort is not lost and the relationship improves. How much banal it is to hear your partner's advice and advice on getting your opinion in your case is very useful. The problem of many archers is - the thinking of the "everywhere enemy", the sense of intensified defense and the extra emotional reaction to any criticism, even constructive. Be more mild; Nature has been blessed with astonishing intuition and the ability to understand people's "feelings" with the possibility of understanding their goals and desires. You are too embarrassed by your own feelings and personality, so that your partner can play for your passions, but you should see a lazy personality because your choice was not accidental. Psychological portrait
The archer belongs to an active (masculine) character and can not find it. The archery, whether it's a strategist or a humble performer, is always a worker, it's easy for him to commit a desperate act, even inherently fearless.
The archers in life have only one weakness - they can only do one thing, instead they concentrate on it. They can not just solve a few tasks at once. It should be added that archers sometimes act very quickly, do not analyze their behavior and can not evaluate the results that can lead to this behavior. In addition, the archers should definitely believe what they are doing. They are not guided by generally accepted standards or fascinating perspectives, so they prefer to act according to their own imagination and inclinations. Archers are unstable: they can suddenly make a decision or change their opinions in the opposite direction.
Caution, which many of them are characterized, should not be confused with the fact that this is among the people who have a particularly dangerous profession and the extreme type of sports. Arbitrators have a humility from nature that helps them avoid getting traumatic events in risky situations.
Fear of boredom, archers are not afraid to change their lives and can often do that to prevent the future of happiness and international righteousness.

Archers are generally not very sick, their biggest enemy - cold and moist. They are easily frozen and do not end up with flu or coughing, and the illness goes into serious forms of lungs and throat inflammation. Especially difficult for smokers to smoke because they can not refuse cigarettes even during illness.
Archers also suffer from rheumatism, which is often the result of being dressed in love and spending too much time. They also have complications for those who work together - they suffer from back pain and shoulder pain.
Generally, in order to be healthy, the archers need to think of the intelligent, calm man who will pay attention and cut their energy. Archers' forecasts are also reflected in their spiritual health - at the end of their life they have nervous diseases that are rarely subject to treatment.
Often archers are suffering from accidents and their effect is usually reflected on health for a long time. Fortunately, archers have been awarded with optimism that helps them in their mental illness even during difficult illness.
Archers have no good skin and many of them suffer from dermatological diseases.

The first love of archers in childhood, and they keep their whole lifelong habit of instinctive kidnapping, and every new novel is full of heart. Archers are romantic and are easily angry with the opposite sex, but they are not stable. It may seem to you that the archer simply collects his own love wins, but that's not the case - every time he is lonely and falls seriously.
Charging the archers is not worth the loyalty: they are very active in order to be loyal. If the archer will be able to find a partner who will be able to change with him, or one step forward, such a novel may be longer than I am passionate.
Archers are prone to getting new erotic impressions by changing the partner and not improving the relationship with the existing ones.
The number of sexual partners in archers is quite common and the point is that people of this mark are always in love with love. Archers are always afraid of revealing the owner's instincts and are limited to sex with someone who is often desirous. For this reason archers can stay in touch with a partner who is free, as long as such a relationship does not threaten him.
Fear of boredom is one of the characteristics of archers and reveals their sexual life. At the same time, the archers are rarely offered to introduce a new item in a relationship, but his ideas are enthusiastic. Archers generously share their knowledge and recreate the art of sexual life with another partner.

Culinary predicament
The archers have to be modest in eating, but at the same time to control the food is diverse. Usually they are excessively oily and spicy foods, forgetting fruits, vegetables, juices and tea. Choose alcohol, which is best to exclude at all.
Archers should be very close to the use of seafood, Japanese cuisine. Fish is acceptable in boiled or baked form, without spices, sharp taste and oily sauces. It is useful in the ration of beans, floral cabbage, carrots and tomatoes.

Kids Horoscope
Child-archers belong to the category of charming and favorite children that are everywhere in the center of attention. They are easily acquired by new friends and have many patrons in adults. It is easy to talk with them: archers from early age are characterized by the special openness of the world that distinguishes them throughout life. When the child-archers say what they think - the elders note that the truth is made by the child. And because of the same behavior, they are angry at the age of adulthood, and they are considered to be untouchability and lack of delicacy.
Archers make equal demands for themselves and adults. Such a child will not bear patiently and blatantly of the human being who can not boast of his hard work and self-esteem. Child-archers do not have the idea of ​​forming a thought that makes it easier to talk and speak clearly. It is not easy to get the baby-archery's respect and then keep it safe. This requires not only distinctive talents and abilities, but self-criticism, recognition of their own mistakes and a request for forgiveness as well as the sense of justice.
Archers are curious about the fact that this does not help you