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Try to be principal and defend your position. Think less about the problems. Do not relax. Do not forget that the fate is more active people. For some reason today you will enjoy the achievement of the achievement but the process of creating something new. Share
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General Horoscope
Common Description
The scrolls and missions are born under the scorpion. Human beings and slaves of their own passions, colossal intellect and less stupid people. While meeting with Scorpio you can be sure of one thing - it will be interesting but almost always dangerous. In any case, this is not a person who can relax.
Normally scorpions are not interested in others, but they even express themselves even when they do not need to be completely absent and without behavioral norms. Scorpions are independent in judgment and their conviction is unthinkable. They are absolutely sure in their own truth and do not even consider any compromise.
Some astrologers allocate three types of Mori: Poisoners (Awa, who wish to retaliate and ruthlessly, and they often become victims of their aggression), noblemen (such people are called eagles, they are fair and sound minded, the most eager and clever among the scorpions) Gray lizards ". The latter would be dangerous, if they were not weak: they can not just walk silently, they are painfully disheartened and may even find faulty, but they are ready to make friends even when possible.
Men and Scorpions possess not only power but also demons, so they are simply undefeated in open combat and behind the scenes. They have a sharp mind, but free from excessive emotions, are very independent in decisions and only trust their choice.
Woman - Scorpio may be shown to you weak and vulnerable, but it is actually very strong and can also subdue anybody who is in the area of ​​his vision. Some skirts have a strong intuition. Many future forces to become like what he wants. In the feelings, the woman is not intermediate at all - he or she loves or hates me in the same way with all the same person.
Cognizant: Christopher Columbus, Fernando Magellan, Indira Gaddy, Auguste Roden, Astrid Lindgren, Ted Turner, Pablo Picasso, Alfred Scyl, Vanessa Me, Nicolas Pangini, Bill Gates, Eros Ramazot, Julia Roberts, Diego Maradona, Joe Dassen, Allen Delon, Leonardo DiCaprio , Demi Moore, Wupie Goldberg and others disaster
Scorpio belongs to the water marks and, unlike all other (cans and fishes), is deliberate, unpredictable and demonstrated in the demonstration. Scorpio - this is a continuous thrill stream that often destroys the curve. His suspension can not do anything.
Scorpio's life is stormy and eventful, as the mountain passes on the river. Often Scorpio meets only in adulthood, how to use her power. Prior to that, he has taken a lot of life.
Scorpio, in contrast to Cancer, is less interested in wealth and does not even seek the favorable flow of fish like fish. Scorpio is always bored, and if he is calm, then you expect a very strong storm. Career and Profession
Scorpions have the ability to influence people, and also have a brilliant oratorial talent, so many of them are a seller-consultant, an insurance agent and a politician. However, it is not worth it to let it go down: the personality of the scorpion is multifaceted, philosophers, artists, and occultists are outstanding.
In addition, the possibility of negotiations with the most pretentious partner demonstrates Scorpions as good peacekeepers and enables them to resolve any conflict.
Successfully realizes the scorpions in medicine, especially in the field of diagnosis. In addition, they do not avoid the use of non-traditional methods of treatment and often successfully carry out risky operations.
There are many inventors among scorpions, but unfortunately fewer realizers. However, in the case of good colleagues and performers, Scorpio can achieve triumph in certain scientific fields.

Marriage and Compatibility
Scorpions in love are very dangerous pirates - they are putting a heartbeat so that they do not even regret it. Family life is rarely harmonic: usually people or families in this mark become tyrants, or because of their qualities that are quickly adapted to the situation, quickly lose their own "I" and suffer from discomfort. Scorpions are suffering from jealousy and mistrust, sometimes they go to such a risky act like spying or other questions and searching for personal items. Besides, the Scorpions demand trust from the partner and will never forgive such a thing.
If Mori's partner is a strong man, he is unhappy at first, but soon begins to blame the partner for a weakness in character, and blames himself for the wrong choice. Long-lasting joy in the relationship of love is born with a person who is able to concede and defend his positions.
Often Scorpio, in a parallel with a happy marriage, lasts a romance in which the end of the mind and the idea of ​​others is about it. Scorpions generally do their own happiness in breaking traditions and generally accepted norms as they are convinced that no one has the right to judge how they behave.

Key to success in love
Scorpions can be infinitely fascinating, but the reputation of the people of this mark is not so good, so many people try to get away from them. However, those who are able to understand the scorpions and appreciate the beauty of his soul, are likely to find a good friend and a neighbor.
The Scorpio, who are looking for happiness in their personal lives, must control the dark side of their personality. The charming Scorpio at the same time is just awful.
There is no doubt that the strong side of Mori is the developed intuition, understanding of its goals, sexuality and sensitivity, as well as special inner strength. Unfortunately, these unique qualities do not guarantee happiness, as the nature of the scorpions lighten the scorpions, special proprietary instincts, jealousy, and the lack of inner belief that can hinder their fears and desires. Scorpio's romantic life is complicated. Some representatives of this mark have a lot of things to do before reaching harmony in relationships. However, do not get your heart - your nature is flexible and working on your own and the use of strengths can help you to be happy.

Seven Typical Problems - Seven Keys for Happy Love:

1. I can not see a partner Despite the dignity of the morals, many people avoid contact with them because they are afraid of their own feathers, as well as unpredictable change of character. In order to avoid the frustration and accidental failure of the relationship, you need to understand the relationship between your relationships and the outside world. Just look at how others react to your behaviors and you will understand what exactly should be corrected that you do not have too many problems.
Scorpions are charming, so the opposite sex does not really see the day. Though their novels rarely justify the expectations; Very often the scorpions are connected with people who preferred to ward off her. In order to achieve happiness and harmony in love, scorpions need to study the issues in the end. The more you pay attention to the suspicious reputation of people, the greater the chance to meet someone who will justify your expectations. At first glance, some of the scorpions may seem paradoxical and illogical. For example, they can bring a novel to a man who has no good idea. This relationship is maintained even though they see all the shortcomings of this person, and then deeply cease to intervene, which is not their initiative. The reason for such behavior lies in the behavior of Mori in a partner and in the couples to avoid possible frustration at this time. Try to think of the idea of ​​equality; It just did not happen and did not lie in the lives of a lot of people. Respect for the happiness and happiness of your life - not the least factor in the matter of obtaining personal happiness

2. My partner is interested in sex only Almost all scorpions are highly sensitive and are very lively personally. The other side of this medal is unfortunately uncertainty in personal connections. Scorpio often finds emotional closeness with the physical union, but his choice simply can not understand it.
As long as you start to clear the relationship and claim to complain, it's better to work on yourself. The primary task is to find a balance of emotional and sexual demands; After achieving this, you become a more harmonious person, which will bring you closer to happiness. It is no less important to be frank with the partner, the ability to open up the hacks that are worse. Do not hide what you're bothering in jokes and fantasy behaviors that eventually provoke scandals. Often you are willing to manipulate your partner to get it from you; First of all, this tactic is very inconvenient, and the second - the more correctly made request brings more results.
If you can not stop speaking openly, then the changes you make will be influenced by your partner's behavior.
The balancing of the above requirements will be beneficial for those who have not yet met the other half; Such scorpions will be fascinated by people who are ready for serious relationships.

3. I do not trust my partner Scorpions are suspicious, but they argue against the opposite. They have a strong sense of manslaughter. Very often, people who have contact with them become victims of total control. Scorpions are very afraid of the loss of those who are dear to them and in spite of this they are free to freedom, do not think that the conditions in which the person does not want to go away from them. The fire may be a sad experience of previous relationships.
Scorpio, who was lying and hopelessly disappointed, will not be able to relax, even if the new stage is nothing to worry about. Internal worries lead to tensions, conflicts and quarrels in relationships - in one word, the problems you want to avoid.
In order to make the situation more comfortable for both parties, you will have to respect the partner's rights in your personal space. Do not forget that the negative side of the full control of the partner is that the person you love and controls may not be the subject of your interest.
Do not forget that choosing a partner is not easy, but it is necessary to make a decision. If you live a person who does not stand out with stability, you have to wait for loyalty from him and that relationships will be serious. It also deals with other aspects of behavior.

4. He does not understand me Scorpions, especially young people who do not have personal experience, should remember that not many people are rewarded with their intuition. In other words, your partner has difficulty dealing with you because you do not even give a hint to find out where to look for your heart's key, or how to behave as if you were suffering from suffering.
Most of the scrolls are closed. Feelings are expressed openly and are often not honest with your own. You should recognize and also get a partner as long as it is not difficult to do that you have weaknesses and disastrous tendencies that you do not have the ability to fight. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask for it, it's better to wait for you when you're waiting for it and get angry with your partner that you are not in a hurry to solve your problems.
Keep in mind that your spiritual organization is difficult and everyone can not understand it. When choosing a partner, you pay attention to his sexual inclination and sensibility, often remembering the importance of a deep emotional factor and possibility. Reveal more clarity and seriousness, do not allow relationships that are uncomfortable for you to take you into deception and give you unrealistic expectations and false hopes.

5. I'm not resting past mistakes Scorpions have a long way to remember past events that are really good to remove from their minds. Calling for the lack of happiness in the long run, they do not allow the heart to open up new relationships.
Curious people, learn to forgive yourself and forget the behavior that others have committed. Your spiritual wounds will soon be over if you do not renew them about what pain you have caused. If you judge your behaviors, you exaggerate their significance, you think that the move would change the course of events; In many cases, the reason for the failure of relationships is complex, but in order to understand this, you should simply recognize the simple theory of objectivity.
The past can not always be remedied and there is no need to have this burden on it all.
No one else, you need to learn how to start a relationship with a clean sheet and take them seriously. You are wise and cautious - use these qualities in your favor.

6. He constantly criticizes
Scorpions do not like the collision with negative assessments about their decisions and actions. However, there are some desperate people who try to endorse the birth of the truth on the path of truth - of course at this time acting on noble motives.
It is not excluded that criticism and reproaches that come from your choice - is a human defensive reaction that feels like you are trying to manipulate and manipulate it. Learn to give up on time, listen to the partner's opinion - even if you do not like it. Try to find out what you want most of your partner - personal comfort or a situation in which both feel happy. The paradox of the scorpion is that the sign of this mark is trying to dominate relationships, but do not want to deal with a weak partner and sometimes even in a very unpleasant psychological trap. It is not excluded that critical comments and other methods, with which your choice expresses dissatisfaction with you, is nothing more than the fact that you have to take the lead in relationships - this is actually a kind of manipulation.

7. I am getting very fast from the relationships Scorpions' emotions are strong enough to be long and stable. You need more new impressions than other zodiac signs. However, it is not always necessary to get to the partner and get a new search: sometimes you need some time to relax, relax.
In addition, it is important to learn how to construct your own forces. They are enough to give you the shape of the relationship that you get; However, most of the scorpions make their own energy in a destructive direction so that they can not meet themselves. Some representatives of this mark characterize themselves in the emotional spending of the earlier sharpness, while others charge responsibility, and very few are looking for not guilty but a way out of the situation. If you want to have serious relationships and are not ready to meet you with random connections, you will agree that the emotional fullness of the novel will not always be homogeneous. Over time, you will find out if you have lost the brilliance, but you get spiritual depth. Take care of relationships in which love and respect are one - their price is enormous, because they have a harmonious influence on both partners.

Psychological portrait
In spite of all its strength, you have a passionate passion and you will definitely pay attention when dealing with it. Scorpio collects, enjoying a redeemed revenge, but will not attack the offender. The timing tactics have its own fruit: the scorpions have almost nothing to do with the strong enemy, but the ill-wishers are more than enough for them.
Scorpio may seem to be very intuitive, but this feature is only revealed in trials: Due to distant perspectives, you will tell yourself to worse.
Scorpio's attitude to the outside of the world depends on what he has achieved in his life: unsuspecting scorpions are usually sneezes and egoists, and successful people are trying to be charitable. Along with his egoism, scorpions do not have a human mind, but it needs to be encouraged and cultivated, as the scorpions themselves can not.
Almost every person born under this sign is distinguished by individuality and nobody will remain indifferent to them. Throughout their lifetime, they have a lot of tests that justify their will and self-esteem.

If the scorpion is born healthy (and so it happens, because nature does not spare the lives of people of this mark), the disease is up to old age: their organism is rewarded with the possibility of accumulating health. In addition, the scorpions are usually in good physical form and are enjoying the sport. In the age of old age,
Together with nature, they do not have any life difficulties and tests, which are heavily reflected on their nervous system. Scorpio can protect diet, exercise, maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it also ruins its inner world with unpleasant thinking, sometimes even with drugs.
Scorpions also suffer from heart disease, which are difficult to live in difficult times.
All the scorpions of the scorpion are the ziggy and feet. Spine diseases and varicose veins of the veins are very worried about their age and old age. Sexuality
Scorpio's sexual life is uneven. In early youth they are experiencing platonic experiences, although they are acting in adolescence and are often negative.
Scorpions are almost like a magic, charming in love, and sometimes so emotional that it all goes to immorality and resurrection.
Since the scorpions do not appreciate erotic pleasure, the ambition is higher for them, and in some cases people of this mark are ready to abstain themselves if they consider it to be useful for their career. Interestingly, Scorpio often offers a proposal to arrange a career based on the establishment of sexual ties and recklessly deny it, but later, these things are secretly blamed. Even when refusing perfectionist novels, Scorpio does not stop taking a new victim. Their charm is stronger and naturally impossible to resist. Scorpio does not worry too much for the selection of a partner, and they open the door to everyone, which ultimately affects their reputation.
It should be added that a short-lived novel with a short-lived novel by her partner is as the most striking event in her life: the inventiveness of people of this mark and the erotic unpredictability of the person directly comes to mind.

Culinary predicament
Scorpions usually follow the same cuisine or dietary line as they consider the best in the world. They give freedom to their good appetite and know that they can easily be freed from the superior kilograms of physical exercise. Scorpions usually drink a lot (and not only alcoholic beverages, they are very cautious about alcohol consumption), but this is not really useful for them. It's better to replace fluid with fruits and vegetables. Coffee is banned at all if it is good, and instead of black tea it is better to get green.
People of this mark should not refuse meat, especially meat and milk products.
Scorpions are very sensitive to odors and many aromatic spices cause allergic reactions in them.
children's horoscope
Even the smallest Scorpio is a real warrior. He has a fierce character; Parents are not easy to deal with such a child, because it can always take her away, it is very rare at concessions, and when it comes to the weakness of the elderly, they begin to shift their finger. Scorpio, like no one, needs a strict but loving supervisor. If a child born under this sign does not teach discipline, he will learn to control emotions, will depend on its changing nature and the latter. It is also important to focus on developing a habit of childhood, such as empathy, forgiveness, patience, and respect for people. The strong character - the dignity of scorpions; But without ignorance and foolishness, you can not be able to get in touch with your loved ones.
Adults should remember that Scorpio always has a mystery - maybe childish but still. It is not worth the intervention of such a child in the spiritual world: it is necessary for some "territory" to which it is prohibited for others. Particularly protecting their independent lives are teenagers. Parents have to go to the demons that they do not get angry on the one hand and on the other hand get any information about his life.
Baby-Scorpions possess a great life-style and energy; At first glance it seems that they are completely unharmed. Sadly, this is the reason for the problem: the representatives of this mark have difficulty dealing with their own destructive attacks. The age of adolescence is the most dangerous. Sports and dance are especially useful for scorpions - it helps them not only in the positive use of low power, but also to teach discipline and regular work.
Another specialty of child-makers is their strong intuition. If the parents' relationship is solved, the baby-scorpio will not be able to understand it; In addition, he easily sees the secrets of others and in this way will gain influence over other people.