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Common Description
Taurus has a noble and independent character. Despite the force, they do not rush to use it, they are waiting for a more favorable moment, but they often make the moment. The hard work and not justification, stability, and not the breakthrough - is the key to success in taurus. In decisions, as well as behavior, turas are accelerators. It is good if they can be judged alone - people of this mark seem to be under the influence, but when it is necessary to take the opinion of others. Taurus are usually good, but there is a lack of interest in expressing kindness, they are very stubborn. In addition, they often stubbornly express themselves to others, encourage them to imitate them and refuse to influence other methods of influence. They do not like the lie, but sometimes they lie in their words to trust. Taurus strives to appreciate the respect and admiration of the surrounding people, so they make great sense of how to wear, try to succeed but they may not be the same. Troubles are stable in their goals and attitudes. They can leave the idea, but they never forget their plans. Friends get early in the age when their character is particularly flexible and preserves throughout life. Taurus does not characterize the brutality and desire to recover, but they do not forgive their lies and betrayal, long and painful. Women-turfs are very strong, but they are mild-tempered; They are characterized by gentle steadiness and non-aggressive stubbornness. They do not begin to prove their own beauty: all their confidence is that they believe that time will come and it will become clear, and this moment is waiting patiently, sometimes life. Men-turquoise unintentionally combine their calm and reasonable skills. They are prone to dominance in all things and at the same time serve the direction of the head of the staff calmly and keep the wife's requests in the usual stupidity. Famous People:
Andrea Balzak, William Shakespeare, Mikhail Bulgakov, Boris Akunin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sigmund Freud, Petra Tchaikovsky, Barbara Struzand, Jean-Paul Gottie, Uma Thurman, David Beckham.

The turquoise is a land that can be explained by their strength and thoroughness. Taurus need to be convinced in their own forces to understand the goals and aspirations. Landmarks (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) are generally practiced with tuition, and especially with turtle, the value of material values ​​is especially important for the spiritual. Spiritual comfort of turtle depends on the comfort and comfort that should be in his home and work. They do not build heavenly towers, but they build a home in the land where there is no place for any close relatives. Troubles as wise farmers do not try to harvest at harvest. They are ready to wait until they produce their work and patiently endeavor to achieve the whole goal. It seems as if the soil is lying on the ground.

Careers and Professions
Taurus - are excellent, virtually indispensable employees that do not have any monotonous job or tirelessness. They can keep calm when they are in boredom or in conflict situations. The turas are awarded with distinctive mathematical capabilities, work perfectly and accurately, so they can succeed in banking and accounting, with excellent auditors and convenient clerks. The turquoise is also attracted to agriculture, gardening, If you do not want to work on the Turtle Farm, it is easy to sell it as he really appreciates the land and real estate, can find it in difficult succession and tax collections. In addition, people of this mark are awarded with business intuition, so they can be as good heads as subordinate. Worker-turtle is one of the weaknesses that can not make a decision without a stretch of time - even worse, the advice of others can not be appreciated quickly. Creatively awarded tutors find themselves in music, poetry and art, but they do not follow the traditions and do not seek new ways of self-expression, and thus rarely achieve true glory. In fact, you are not interested in this - people of this mark choose a stable income.  

Marriage and Compatibility
The turquoise family and wife are seriously watching. They choose a life partner for their usual acceleration. If you enter early in the marriage, it is almost always unsuccessful and does not behave badly after the turtle - people of this mark have a lot of pain and pain, especially if the family is broken up because of betrayal. The turquoise of the lighter side of the partner is quiet, but if you are Key to success in love
The strongest part of the Turtle is caution, making decisions faster, weighing the outcome of each step. Tougals do not choose a short and straight path while pursuing the goal; For them it is a safe way to maneuver. In spite of their inner struggle, stability and calmness, often they are overly stubborn and selfish. For those who have to deal with taurus, it is well known to distinguish between these signs. Taurus can be very happy in marriage and love relationships; Turtles who love peace and harmony are also able to overcome their usual stubbornness. Troubles are no less than the spiritual comfort that they feel are in constant contact with stability and material conditions, with the hope of tomorrow's day and the ability to satisfy all their wishes. Taurus does not have laziness, so the people of this sign are quiet every day, but they are always ready to share with the partner. Seven Typical Problems - Seven Keys for Happy Love:
1. «I can not find a suitable partner»
Although the Taurus Relationship Area is very wide, it is difficult to see a man with whom people want to get closer and get married. Troubles are very serious about choosing partner. They are looking for a person who wants to meet their needs and have the right to do it! Taurus - Remember, people change and maybe it is a great stimulus for you to succeed in everything. The main thing is that you and your favorites have common goals. Take a look and keep in mind that goals are sometimes easier together - the main thing is your desire. The other aspect of the problem is that the turfs are surrounded by people who are ready for a lot to support it - but Taurus does not make a choice because he sees only their shortcomings. The solution is simple: Taurus should try to concentrate on the admiration of these adults. The ability to reason is good, but sometimes the objectivity is not bad. Such a situation is spread: Taurus meets a wonderful person, appreciates her spiritual qualities and intellectual abilities, admire her achievements - but does not always have sexual interest in this person. The point is that the turquoise is influenced by Venus, which makes you pay extra attention to the appearance of both himself and his favorites. Touches are more sensitive to beauty than others, and you have a great deal of pain in any imperfections. This is one of their characteristic features and can do what they can to maximally expand their «aesthetic worldview». It is not excluded that their sense is perfectly formed, which was adopted in childhood. The more they will show their beauty in the beauty and harmony, the more lively people will notice.
2. «I doubt that I made the best choice»
As if you were looking for an ideal person, but the more time goes on and the relationship goes on, the less likely it is for your expectations. It's wrong to do something or ask a lot of your readings, loyal to his habits and does not take into your advice ... It's less of a belief that you've got any details when you make a choice: the turquoise is very attentive towards both the initial, the stage, and the preparation of the preparations, when it comes to the first bout and the smile. So stop choking yourself and your choice, and try to find reasons why it's so irritating. Taurus loves the leadership and the reason for your dissatisfaction can be that you are still worthy of resistance. The compromise and compromises are sometimes not enough for harmony: try to make your choice more independent. Sometimes the turquoise in his wrong choice makes his partner not his partner, but the relationships that begin with a beautiful novel and go to a fight and misunderstanding. The turquoise is undesirable, in the frames of the box, without the right to act - they feel briefly. The cause of the problems can be conservatism and stubbornness that characterizes taurus. Even if you find a "your" person, the relationship may not be possible for the scheme that existed in your head - maybe just because it can have its own scheme and act accordingly! You are often not ready to abandon your aspirations and habits. Therefore, try to keep your wishes in correct form, and recognize that criticism expressed in your address can be constructive. You can really keep in touch with the most difficult ones, and get a lasting pleasure in your relationship with it - you need a little bit of effort!
3. "I'm wrong with something Taurus are wise, they know what they want and can achieve it - but in romantic relationships they do not always know how to use these wonderful qualities. Even if the partner is ready to follow you, his action seems unnoticed and unreasonable, which can cause irritation and a quarrel. Another reason for discomfort is the high demands for a favorite, the expectation of behavior that does not characterize it. Taurus needs to learn in a timely and tactical way to tell the partner about his wishes, and it is also useful to be ready to meet his own needs independently. Remember that you can not spend a lot of time on your own, very charming and important issues, and so it feels like you have a secondary role in your life. Taurus should remember that "love" and "possession" are not the same, they sometimes have difficulty recognizing that the partner has the right to own a space that can be a harmonious relationship. It does not matter whether you are married or not, your choice is not your property, it has its own desires, goals, aspirations, dreams; Otherwise it will not cause your interest. If your relationship is serious, it's better to talk and discuss what you're waiting for. Coming to compromise is not always easy, but in most cases it is possible to forget that concessions will be rewarded - harmonious relationships.
5. A person who does not like me to take a step closer to me
Taurus, who is not convinced of the human feelings of his heart, is transformed into a talented strategy. Representatives of this mark are well aware of what they need to start romantic relationships and see a lot of opportunities to create suitable conditions. Usually they refuse to continue the hopeless fight, and in situations where there is a sympathetic sympathy and transition to more close relationships, they are simply confused. Taurus should try to act easily - sometimes the hints and tips are ineffective, and the unexpected invite or honest conversation works well. There may be other options: sometimes turquoise will be seen by their maneuvers and expectation of the desired result, that they can not even see the actions of the chosen ones, which they did not fit their imagination. In other words, in anticipation of the invitation to a romantic meeting, you are simply able to exchange interviews and exchange ideas on topics that interest you both. It's enough to just relax and be the one who is able to get closer, try to be less intimidated and reassess the situation. Some of the Taurus stubbornly gets into the fortifications that can arrive. Think about the current events - Have you ever had a chance to get closer and you are so confused that you can not find the words? It is not excluded that the subconscious warn you of the wrong choice that the relationship will not bring you anything good. What's shining is that you can not even get a golden finish, and later you'll be happy that the issue is not serious.
6. Wicked love has ruined my life
Taurus are experiencing a great deal of discomfort when deciding to cope, even when it is unserious. If the issue relates to a strong feeling, the case may come to depression before the loss of faith and happiness for people. People of this mark are seriously choosing a partner's choice. If the relationship does not exist, they blame themselves for making a mistake On the one hand you are uncomfortable with the simplicity and trying to start a new relationship with someone else - you do not like anybody, fear of making false choices does not give you a chance to change the situation. Because of bad experiences, you may feel better by being more careful and more cautious and avoiding them, who can be abducted. A part of the turquoise builds a completely insurmountable wall around itself and complaints. Negative and pessimistic attitude towards the universe does not have the feeling of life's happiness and you can get the chance to make gifts that can make you live. Remember that you have all the chances to be happy - such as the impact of the planets. Now it is important for you to keep up the self-confidence and not to fall in search of the ideal. Unpleasant feeling is impossible to get insurance, and relations with development require the same seriousness as their start. It's not worth the perfect partner to get the main goal of life. Have an active life, enjoy relationships and be more open. It is enough to allow events to develop in a way that everything is as necessary. It is not worth forgetting the past, Troubles are demanding. Those who are strong in nature and are willing to share their own emotions, which give you more or less or less. Romantic relationships tend to convince them that the partner's attention will not linger at any moment, and his interest in Kuros Persons will always be stronger. However, at this stage it may be misunderstanding because you can not get a response in response to the one you have chosen to focus on. The cause of discomfort in the beginning of the novel may be to focus on the physical proximity of the turtle. Give your partner the opportunity to make sure that your spiritual closeness is important for you, otherwise you will not be able to reach full understanding. In addition, at this stage it may be useful to reduce material requirements. In luxurious restaurants, it is good to walk in "fashionable places", but your partner may not be as lazy as in comparison to a "democratic" stroll in the park - do not evaluate it as less interest for your own person. When the relationship becomes more serious, tuitions do much to make their loved ones happy and happy. They are very worried when they can not get the attention and gratitude. However, it is not fair to be fair that you will be able to deal with material issues, develop relations, resolve solving of household issues - and partner only enjoy the situation. Taurus can do many things. It is important for them to have love and family happiness. However, taurus spend much time for the ideal picture of reality that only exists in their head. Sometimes they even put pressure on their relatives to keep up with their expectations. It is better to lower the activity, the turquoise should give everyone the right - including themselves! - in reality and in accordance with the relevant requirements. Learn the advice and recommendations of your choice and think about whether or not your behavior is deduced by your behavior, which makes you feel your partner's success and calm.

Psychological portrait
Patience and certain passivity - this is the main characteristics of the Turtle. These people choose to make life breaks, but do not turn the chosen path. The idea of ​​the idea is almost impossible. Calm, defined movement - so the lives of turables that escalate conflicts and disasters. Taurus very much appreciate everything they own and often relate to the ownership of their relatives. The man of this mark will be the best friend, but sooner or later he wants to become a friend. Taurus do not talk much, only close friends are honest, and jokes around you are rarely excited. Troubles are controversial, they defend their minds as if they are interrogating arguments and even when they lose, they still prefer to stay on their own. Taurus rarely lose their calmness, but the expression of anger is really dangerous. Ability to manage yourself and the bravery does not know any borders - all this often moves to close people. Taurus prefer to work instead of relaxation, good work - fraud, family environment - numerous societies, love - fun, silence - idle talking. It should also be noted that his house is very important for Kurta, a city in the ideal city that has a modest but neat garden.

The turtles have a strong and stinging body. In order to maintain their health, some of them have long walks in the fresh air. Taurus residents often suffer from throat pain, nasal and upper respiratory tract diseases as well as lung diseases. Chronic illnesses are rarely ill, but sickness is hard to reach. Taurus trusts doctors and does not prevent treatment, and their ability to manage and organize the homeopathy. Taurus have a good digestive system, but many of them suffer from excessive weight problems and do not try to limit their diet or physical exercise. The painful place of taurus is the feet, feet, backbone and backbone. It may also bite the pain of the genital organs, but they are timely to the doctor and the illness does not lead to chronic form.  

Taurus rarely has a lot of novels, at least once in a while. Tauruses are traditionally in love relationships, many of them keep their marriage before marriage and then become very loyal. Taurus in sex is nicer than passionate; They are not prone to experimentation. Men-turbochargers do not spare the energy to satisfy their partner's wishes, and often cautiously be on his side. Women-turquoise are well-received, but never give the right to do what they do not like. Taurus knows the price of his own and sexual abilities, has an intuition and therefore always feels the imagination. Taurus Taurus never acknowledges that the new offer offered by the partner is a pleasure; The loyalty to traditions is the characteristic of people who carry this mark, and it is evident in the erotic part of life as in other areas.

culinary predictions
Taurus loves to eat tasty and keep inclined to sweets. In addition, their body loves to accumulate energy and are at the age of middle age; But behind the inconvenience there is a great physical force. It is recommended to control cous and fat foods. Fortunately, those born under the tree love vegetables and fruits, and therefore do not care for the lack of vitamins. The organism of the taurus is stable and it is enough to go to a dietetologist for a long time to keep his recommendations on food. They do not have monotony, so restrictions do not have any discomfort.

Kids Horoscope
From the baby-turtle you may be able to give your head to the chair, or vice versa, to get the greatest joy from him. It depends on the adults, in particular the attitude they choose. The pressure on the young Taurus, the demand for the fulfillment of orders - is the precondition for the collapse of harmonious relations. In the first years of life, people of this mark are better off with mild attitude, tenderness, and quiet interpretation. The logic and the healthy view can be more intensely influencing them than screams and strict disciplinary measures. The torts are good and open, they are easily found by friends and are happy to contact you with adults. However, their expectations are often overweight and at the age of 10 years, it has a lot of frustrations. Fortunately, they are quite intelligent in order not to worry about the whole world, but to be more cautious. Taurus, especially girls, are happy to help parents in family affairs, but rarely do it on their own initiative. They avoid any behavior that can be evaluated as misunderstanding, interfering with other people's lives, etc. Over time, this feature does not disappear completely and is no longer active