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The neighbors will try to control your life. Try not to do it anymore. There are small problems at work. Try to make good use of your colleagues. In order to fill in the positive energy, enjoy the evening cheerfully. Share
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Common Description
At first glance, virgins seem to be in trouble and in household trips, but this is wrong. These people are very attentive and fearless of the imperfection of this world, especially in areas where they can correct the case. That's why the average woman is trying to regulate her planet by a small prince, and if she is unable to do it, she still managed to arrange the corner.
Most of the virgins are smart and have logical and intuition but are often critical to the world and surrounding people and allow themselves to make sharp remarks that often lose to friends and close people. The virgins have their own opinion on many issues, but try to protect it only when the opponent is worthy and interesting; They will not begin to prove anything to the fool, the unhappy opponent.
Most of the virgins are lovely charming and if you want to be incomparable. This sign is characteristic of people in the shadow. They do not like to pay attention, so they often do not appreciate the end, especially those who know them badly.
Normally virgins are very calm and balanced, but in this situation they easily get rid of vulgarity, rudeness and stupidity. The virgins seem to lose the usual system of coordinates when colliding with all these; Much restraint is trying to avoid irritating objects at this time, some of them get into a clutched quarrel and do not do all the forces.
The virgins spend much money and they do not have any money.
Father and virgins have great inner strength, but they themselves consider themselves swearing and seldom act in a desperate way. They have a good memory and are very attentive to other things than other men. Women-virgins are usually shy and shy. But this is not their main dignity. In female, women are hard-headed, with a clear mind, good taste, and passionate spirit.

Known for: Arnold Rishieli, Yassir Arafat, Faraday, Mom Teresa, O'Henry, Hegel, Goethe, Agata Christie, Sophie Lauren, Greta Garbo, David Copperfield, Sean Conier, Freddie Mercury, Keanu Rivis, Richard Gary, Mickey Rurk, Claudia Schiffer, Michael Jackson and others.

The virgins belong to the landmark, as well as the Taurus and the Capricorn, and as the people of this sign are practiced, with a rational approach to life and care for tomorrow. However, virgins are distinguished by their research approach - they will learn about it, but do not hurry to work on it.
The land and its donor wives are more interested in scientific-theoretical as far as the potential for people of this mark is more important than practical implementation.
Born under a virgin is distinguished with constant, but it implies equal movement than their nativity. In addition, behind the desire to pursue the earthly welfare, the virgins need to have a great need for spiritual perfection.

Career and Profession
Clever, hardworking and responsible virgins are achieving goals in any field. Their intelligence and accurate ability to analyze the business is unchanged, but in other areas too.
The desire of virginity to harmoniously and perfectly make them the best critics, and this qualities can be successful where others need to be corrected or improved, whether it's editorial work, evaluation of construction projects or consulting activities.
The virgins become good doctors and have not only the wide and deep knowledge but also the honest sympathetic attitude towards the patient, as well as the great swelling of his condition. In women there are many who can treat patients with non-traditional methods or diagnose disease without special examination.
The most sensitive and vulgar virgins do not have a bad deal of audit, accounting and legal activity, and they do not have aggressive and promising character for success in politics. In addition, the virgins are incompatible with the preservation of existing laws, but do not necessarily regard the legislation.

Marriage and Compatibility
The virgins know everything in particular, including the choice of close people. It should also be noted that most of the people of this mark remain at the end of lonely seasons. Part of them does not destroy the failed connection simply because it has a sense of responsibility towards the partner.
In addition, the virgin is committed to the family, no matter how hard his yoke is, and the latter half does not feel that freedom and loneliness have been able to return to the past.
The virgins do not recite a compromise in love - their couple should have distinctive qualities, otherwise the strong sense should never end, and the relationship will end quickly and eventually.
It is noteworthy that virgins are distinguished by their loyalty: they are looking for a friend first and not a mature partner. Any betrayal is valued as a seller.
The love of the virgin may cause disappointment because of the lack of passion and expression, but the sense of the virgin is equal and irritating, and so strong that you will save you from any life's difficulty.
The virginity relationship is not likely to be romantic, but friendship will be solid, and joint work is productive.
The virgin can quickly become abrasive with the tendency of abstract thinking, and the relationship with the Aquarius can be quite tempting.
Maybe it is good to have a connection with a lion that will make me feel comfortable with a nice maiden.
The maiden has a mutual relationship with the archery, and the fishes soon become tired with dreams and inactivity.

Key to success in love
The virgin is often referred to as the zodiac's most wise sign. It is under this sign that people who are able to perform analytical work more than others can reveal causal links and are critical to life. Unfortunately, the critique of virginity often works against them. It is this man who knows that they are not able to be happier themselves, seek their choice and some of their relationships that need to be corrected. So love for work will work, and the fulfillment of which makes them less enjoyable.
For virgins it is necessary to learn to relax and relax in time. Caring for the success of the whole world is an exhausting and unpleasant thing. Sometimes personal problems can be solved by virgins, forget about the difficulties and enjoy life, for example, as lions do.
Seven Typical Problems - Seven Keys for Happy Love:

1. I can not find a suitable partner

The virgin finds it hard to find the second half because the demands he chooses to be his favorite is very high, but the virgins are very well aware of their shortcomings and often do not consider themselves worthy of love and attention. The virgins often suffer from the complexity of the chest, and in this case constantly pouring "fire on the fire". Wives, Change Politics, Make Yourself, Love Yourself, Do not Stop Your Dignity And Less Than Think Tiny.
In addition, you must be honest with yourself: it is important to know exactly what you want in life. Sometimes you may need a friend's help to get to it, but the effort will not be futile - as a result you will find what you are looking for and find your suitable partner.

2. He does not understand me The virgins forget the romance they characterize, and so they often leave the wrong impression. Do not try to be cold, if you feel stronger, do not be afraid to give yourself the freedom to express yourself.
Often the partner of a virgin does not even feel his feelings, and so it hurts him so that he does not. For this reason virgins are very unhappy, but their connection from the outside looks stable and harmonious.
If the virgins are relaxed, they will be much happier if the mask of colds and restlessness is removed.

3. We love each other, but we often talk about it

Perhaps the reason for this is the difference between your and your partner's life. The character of the virgin is not distinguished by flexibility, and those who have contact with people of this mark have to go to conventional concessions.
The wives are well aware of what they want and are rarely confused. Partner can be a strong leader in those who give orders that are not subject to review.
Virgo, there are two features you control - the instinct of the owner and you do not want to change anything in your life. Because of them you have difficulty communicating with people who are slightly dependent on their independence and make changes - many of them are. Remember that it is important for you not to give up argument but to recognize the fact that there is a different opinion about this issue. The sooner you do it, the sooner the works will go.

4. I am lonely

The virgins tend to live more than other births in loneliness and do not suffer from inconvenience. If you want to change the situation, you need to overcome the fear of failure in love affairs, and you should also recognize that love requires no less than people of other signs. It's easy for wives to start new relationships and see friends; The difficulties begin at the moment when the relationship goes into the romantic phase. Sometimes you have to force yourself to overcome the fluctuations and close to those who are important to you - do this and take the first step;
The virgins whose ideas are related to the goals that are unfriendly in the couple feel lonely if the partner can not choose their aspirations and interests. You can not always share what others have in your heart and your choice can not always be understood; However, the long-term emotional connection, the real, the deep feeling will deal with this problem, but you can not get rid of all the problems.

5. He does not appreciate my efforts

Many signs of the zodiac get romantic relationships as something that does not require internal tension. But the virgins do not think so: it is hard work for them to be rewarded In romantic relationships, virgins give many and demand many, loyalty, care and respect in their priorities. But do you know what your partner is waiting for? It's quite possible that you do not: you are too often expressing dissatisfaction in a form that is not a successful form of joke.
Find out the cleverness and find a method that will allow your choice to understand what you expect from him - it is possible that he will fulfill your wishes.
Keep in mind that your requirements are too high and many may be unpleasant to admit. If you are ready to work in troublesome relationships, the first thing to learn is that it is a restraint towards a partner who has self-esteem and some weaknesses. The union will be more solid and harmonious, the more you will appreciate your favorite person with all his unique qualities, and you will not be able to interfere with the relationship that can not be ideal.

6. I suspect my partner is honest

Doubling everything and trusting only trusted sources often relieve the virgins, but unfortunately, in private life, they are seriously hindered. Even those who have no doubt in the partner or in the intrigue of the intruder do not have a rest and constantly check the reality. Of course nobody pleases to be in the position of deceived, but everywhere and always waiting for the sake of relaxation, lack of relaxation - is not really good.
In romantic relationships, it is especially difficult for those virgins who are already in negative experience. This is a bad feeling for a long time.
In order to overcome the problem and feel more comfortable in romantic relationships, the virgins should learn to avoid tension and excessive caution, and the less likely to be the cause of doubt. Wives, remember that nature has given you a great advantage - a good intuition and a virtually unlikely logic. However, if the second sign of h 7. We love each other, but the relationship is monotonous and boring

To be honest, virgins do not need much changes. Stability and predictable mood is not very pleasant But sometimes the virgins really want diversity, new sensations and pleasant impressions.
The virgins do not have any problems with those who are not only a loved person but also as a partner, because in this case the common interests allow for the expansion of the world and the advancement.
But even such a happy couple does not have some tips that are very useful for others. In order to introduce the novelty of your own life, you have to learn to temporarily separate from seriousness and prudence. Sometimes you are stupid and funny, you should forget about your concern - in fact it is enough to restrict your relationship as a diamond.
In addition, many virgins, especially in youth, characterize the absence of adequate assessment of sexual aspect in romantic relationships. Do not lose anything if you are getting a deeper study of the sensitive areas of life. This is especially important for those whose choice is endowed with a strong temperament of nature and may even suffer because of not having the means to express their sexual energy.
Finally, do not stay away from an elite life, even if the current events are uninteresting for you: you just do not allow yourself to evaluate the positive aspects of this life. With the time you do not have any affectionate but pleasant friends, you will be encouraged and get new emotions.

Psychological portrait
The virgin is a passive sign that is more acceptable to a quiet life than a bob and a lot of changes. It does not mean that virgins are weak, their strength is to deal with real difficulties and not to fight windmills.
The inner calm behind the virgin usually hits the strongest anxiety; People of this mark often doubt their own behavior and are awaiting long-term sentences, forgotten by everyone. In general they have a feeling of over-developed responsibility. They are ready to take responsibility for the disaster of the whole world and can not understand that sometimes the slightest irresponsibility and simplicity can be realized. The virgins easily interact with people and are pleasurable, but remain lonely, and they prefer to have fun, so the most popular people find their colleagues or associates. It is interesting that the best and worst representatives of humanity are born under this sign, combining both categories of spirits and drug use. The strongest concealment can hide those virgins who are always open for communication. The causes of the spiritual suffering of a virgin may be a mistake made by him or others, and the best way to forget the suffering is to help someone who is unable to take care of themselves.
Woman's appraisal abilities have all the spheres of life, especially when others consider the well-being of others: a person born under this sign can not be deceived by luxury or fraudulent wealth.

Virgins are not particularly prone to diseases but have a tendency towards finding them. They work too much, almost never resting and often drinking alcohol, but this is not the most serious problem. The problem of virgins is the carelessness of your sensitive nervous system, which allows them to relax and calm. It's hard to say what's more like a virgin - extra load or permanent pessimism.
The virgins have a positive habit - they go uninterruptedly with a doctor and do their utmost to do their job if it does not prevent them from working. How many doctors should advise you to rest on a virgin, they will still work until they have the strength.
The weakest of the virgins is digestive organs, lungs, foot joints. In addition, the virgins are infected with flu, and are prone to bronchitis and pleuritis.

In the youth, virgins are distinguished by the idealistic view of the universe and are looking for one-on-one love, so their daughters stay longer than other signs. Later, when they start active sexual life, they do not try to hit the ball with the victories achieved and look more innocuous than they really are. The virgin's choice may not even be suspicious that he is given special attention because the people of this mark do not try to manifest the emotions on the one hand and on the other hand the potential partner is even critical and skeptical. That's why the love of the virgin is much more platonic than the passionate romance. If that happens, the virgin should be very careful, because the deepest experiences can lead to the tragic end.
When engaging in love affairs, the maiden does not save the power that her novel is incomparable in all respects, including the erotic aspect, even though this area is not particularly interested in it. The virgins are not lying, they are always honest with the partner and they are expected to respond. If you do not have a tendency to feel inclined and rude, it's harder to beat a partner, virgins will be unprecedented love teachers - they know what is the real passion and never coincide with it's casual pleasure.

Culinary predicament
The virgins have a delicate taste, but for a long time they can be satisfied with simple food and do not feel any discomfort. Many people of this mark try their own body without any food.
Though virgins behave wisely even during such experiments, in their ratios there are vitamins and nutrients. It is interesting that people of this mark express the distrust of food additives, preservatives, semi-sophisticated - their ration may be simple but natural.
The virgins pay much attention to cleanliness, table surfing and the appearance of the dish. That is why they prefer to feed at home and not in public nourishment: food preparation process should be under their control.
The virgins love meat but they are useful vegetarian dishes. As a compromise, people of this mark should refuse the fried flesh and cook it, and pay attention to the products that are rich in iron and vitamins. No grain can be excluded from the ratio.

children's horoscope
The baby-virgins leave the most impressive impression. These wonderful creations are unwelcome, lovers, characteristic of their sense of humor, tactility and sense of humor. Such children often work with their peers: studying, walking, reading, reading, and asking "fame" questions, have a wide range of interests.
The possibility of logical thinking allows child-virgins to have adolescents at the equal level of communication. The issue of respect for authority is often acute, as children of this mark are ready to argue with everyone, if they are convinced of their truth and they do not have the age, position and regrets of the opponent.
Since childhood, virgins are critical to the world and their satisfaction is difficult to challenge. The real problem is the problem when parents have time to buy a gift for such a child; As a rule, the affair ends when the virgins receive a money envelope, which is spent as needed.
Child-virgins take the criticism very painfully; A stranger can be a real blow for a close relative. They are taken into consideration for justified claims and try not to repeat mistakes. The child-masculine school successes determine not only high intellectual and common abilities as well as serious attitude towards learning. The virgins are very responsible and if they do some work, they will surely take it to the end.
Special attention should be paid to the formation of family values ​​in child-masculine. The point is that virgins tend to be lonely compared to other signs. If the parents of the virgins often argue, they tend to tense the relationship, the scandal may be broken, the child may decide to never marry. However, the same lifestyle can be raised in a good family with child-maids. Therefore, it is important that such a child has a good family life.